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Serenity gives away best equipments in the game... plus a little extra. Add another personal storage.

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2 files. One for DAO, one for Awakening.

I don't know about you, but I have little interest in complying with economic reality of a game. I mean, $50+$40 (awakening) already came out of my real life pocket... Gist = Serenity gives away best equipments in the game. Anything I miss, let me know.

Beside her is Tree Locker, a personal storage for PC to organize items. The Tree Locker also packs most key recipes (potent or greater versions), manuals, trap plans during 1st visit. A set of God items are included (a glove, a vestment, a boot, a bow, 2 rings, an amulet, a belt). These items will make your game boring, but they're there for those who desire the ultimate powers (1 shot Archdemon, as an example, regular 2000+ damage).

To uninstall is easy: Delete the mod folder. I didn't put anything elsewhere. Every piece is built on top of game resources.

Enjoy + kind regard.

Sidenote: Okay, this part is 100% OPTIONAL, and for Awakening owners ONLY. I uploaded a .7z file that contains instructions & files needed to add Awakening items into Origins. Please follow them closely. After doing so, Serenity will have an option to auction them to Bodhan. I don't want to jam more items into Serenity's inventory. The engine has a ceiling, when reached, it will shut down her store. New Awakening specific recipes and manuals will be added to the tree locker. Oh, and you get to enjoy all the Awakening's abilities/talents/skills/stamina draught as well.