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Mod development COMPLETE (5/28/2010). v.2 RELEASED for play. Discover the mystery behind Calenhad Lakeside - a recent earthquake hit Ferelden which shook the land terribly. Reports of strange things occuring at Lake Calenhad spread quickly. Being a Grey Warden, you are compelled to investigate. ENJOY THIS MOD!!!

Permissions and credits
** Latest Update from Author 4/5/2011 **
Wow, i've been away for almost 1 year and people are still using this mod =) SORRY for all the bugs but I do hope everyone had a chance to enjoy it. I want to say IF THERE ARE MODDERS who wants to take over these projects, you have my permission to fix bugs, edit it, etc... Unfortunately I DO NOT have the builder-to-builder files anymore. But regardless, modders are SMART and EFFICIENT people. If you want, i'm sure you will figure it out.

Again, anyone has permission to edit, maintain, translate to a different language of this mod mod because I do not have time nor resources anymore.

King Calenhad's Tomb
(For level 13++ to 17+)
(This is a MODERATELY HARD adventure, intended for level 13++ to level 17+ players. I have introduced a puzzle, conversations, included notes that explain why things are happening, etc... You should have some fun here! The Lakeside area is deceptively easy. Beware when you enter the dungeon!)

..::Author Update (7/23/10)::..
Hey everyone, sorry for being totally MIA and not able to provide any support. Restaurant business is TOUGH and challenging... very long hours. I OFFICIALLY CAN NOT provide anymore support for my mods. Very very sorry. I hope you all can over look the 'faults' and enjoy the mods for what it is -- something fun, made by a fan who really enjoyed Dragonage and took the painful hours to learn the toolset =) Have fun everyone!

..::Author Update (6/20)::..
My life is extremely busy, and I have been spending little to no time on these boards & modding. I have just opened up a restaurant, and it's sucking all waking hours of my time. Therefore, I will be on MIA status for a while - but I will still check periodically for major bug reports. Although I am working on my 4th and last mod - incorporating everything I have learned making the 3 mods - I question if I will even have the time or drive to finish it. Best of luck to everyone, and I hope I had provided some enjoyable content to the community, whether it be too hard, buggy content, boring fights, and of course the robotic VOs.

I do want to thank everyone for all the support and suggestions along the way. I thank everyone for their patience and understanding. For those few who disliked my work, I apologize I couldn't make it better. The toolset was hard to learn, and very time consuming... my only answer to you is - I tried my best. =)

If I absolutely can not devote anymore time to the mods, I will upload a builder-to-builder package for anyone who wish to learn from my work... or to just repackage and make the mods better.

Good luck everyone!


...:::PUZZLE WALKTHROUGH (scroll to the bottom):::...
The WALKTHROUGH through the MAZE is at the bottom of this page. Do NOT scroll all the way to the bottom if you do not wish to read the walkthrough on the puzzle. For everyone else who is stuck at the puzzle, scroll to the bottom of this page!

UPDATE (5/29)--
v.2 is released! I have altered some of the mob layouts per YOUR suggestions. I included a NOTE you can read from your inventory for the Codex of the Guardian Puzzle. Changed a few of the traps to allow disarm, making the "trap room" a little bit easier. Fixed invisible character while creating a new character. Fixed loading issues while going to other areas in the game (such as Denerim). This should be close to bug free. If you already have "Calenhad_Override_File" downloaded and in your override, you DO NOT need to download it again. ENJOY!!!

Please download BOTH files.
- Calenhad_Override_File: Unpack this .rar and move the folder into your "c:/Documents/Dragonage/Package/Core/Override"
- Calenhad_Tomb_v1: Unpack this .rar and install the .dazip using DAModder or whatever method you like.

To uninstall, just use DAModder to uninstall, and also delete the folder Calenhad_Area folder from your override.

Vernvern - for working with me on story development
Mengtzu - for working with me on combat scripting. Mengtzu has been a HUGE help with answering scripting questions. Definitely give kudos to him and check out his mods "Classic Week" and "Fragment of Ferelden".

A recent quake hit Ferelden which shook the land terribly. Reports of strange things happening at Lake Calenhad spread quickly to you and your party. Although soldiers have been dispatched to Lake Calenhad, you are compelled to investigate as well. Being a Grey Warden, you have sworn to defend Ferelden against the Blight and also to right any wrongs of the land. You gather your companions and set out towards Calenhad Lakeside.

...:::INTENDED FOR:::...
This adventure mod is intended for players around level 13+. I had a hard time at level 13, but my party of level 16 cleared it without much problems. IF YOU ARE MODDED OUT, OR HIGH LEVEL - you will stomp this dungeon pretty easy. IF YOU ARE UNDER-GEARED / UNDER-LEVEL - this might be hard for you. You will gain roughly 1.5 levels for completing this entire mod. Ideally you will have completed at least 2-3 of the "main campaign" quests - which will make you around level 12-14, picked up some decent gear, and have experience playing this game. I *think* level 12 might be too low, but hey, if you want to try it, doesn't hurt! This mod, although designed to be "easier" than my last mod "Temple of Vulak", IS STILL A SEMI-CHALLENGING MOD, especially if you are under-geared and/or under-level recommendation.

...:::DESIGN CONCEPT:::...
I wanted to create a dungeon unlike Temple of Vulak. I used suggestions from all of YOU, and tried to add in your suggestions. Things you will find in this mod are:

- A lot of traps
- A puzzle you must solve in order to move further in
- Some pretty cool items to earn
- You will fight against "important" NPC who were related to King Calenhad.
- You will discover the reason why all this is happening at the end of the adventure.
- I have customized combat scripts for majority of the bosses. They will do more than stand there and take a beating... generally speaking. (A BIG thank you MengTze for helping me with scripting)
- A "story-line" which I used, suggested by a fellow player (Vernvern)
- Semi-modified creature AI. I felt archers had poor tactics and introduced "Arrow of Slaying" to their combat moves. Be careful of archers =)
- I have added in a new NPC AI Class, which is a 2 handed Champion / Templar. Be careful of these NPCs as well. They are much smarter and a lot more lethal than your average 2handed wielding monsters.

- Teyrn Simeon (Someone slain by Calenhad)
- Queen Mairyn (Wife of Calenhad)
- Lady Shayna (Calenhad's closest friend, one who betrayed Mairyn by sleeping with Calenhad)
- Brendel the Defeated (A king of Ferelden, father to Moira the Rebel Queen)
- Vanedrin Therein (A king of Ferelden, a decendent of Calenhad)
- And many more!!!

Most of the items have been set to "All Material". If you get a sword/axe/dagger that is a very low tier material, sell it to a vendor at Soldier's Peak and buy it back. It will upgrade to a material for YOUR level.

Armor of the "Silver Knight" can NOT be upgraded. The entire set grants a nice bonus. This armor set is NOT overpowered, and can be upgraded to Warden Commander, Cailen's Armor, etc...

...:::ADVENTURE TYPE:::...
This dungeon is added into the original campaign for play. There is a new point on the map near Lake Calenhad. You will be traveling here from Calenhad Docks. This adventure ultimately takes you to King Calenhad's Shrine. As the final reward, you will receive the legendary "Silver Knight" Armor of King Calenhad. You can travel to this map anytime after Ostagar, although I recommend leveling up a bit first =)

A long time ago, a Greater Pride Demon entered Ferelden through a rift at the Circle Tower. This demon had great powers, and caused havoc in the tower. Eventually, the mages thought they had defeated this demon, when in fact, the demon barely escaped death by possessing another mage. Unknown to the Circle Mages, the demon sought after a place to hide and recover from his wounds. He stumbled across the shrine of Calenhad, which was buried beneath the lake of Calenhad. Drawn to the lake because of the large amounts of souls at the lake (people burn the dead at the lake to honor them), the demon hid in the shrine and began a slow healing process.

In order to speed up recovery, while remain hidden, he had to feed off the souls of those "related to King Calenhad". This way, the Circle Magi could not sense it because the aura of King Calenhad was so great inside the shrine. He thus summons souls of those related to Calenhad to the shrine.

After centuries, a huge earthquake hit Ferelden. This caused the hidden shrine to rise above water, partly because the demon is almost healed, and he can't contain his presence much longer. Soldiers of Denerim were sent to investigate, and words of mysterious happenings reached your ears. This sets the stage for the adventure, and why certain creatures are inside the dungeon.


I am NOT a professional modder. I DO THIS FOR FUN!!! I have taught myself how to use the toolset to make some interesting adventures. I hope you guys enjoy my efforts, and I hope I have shown you guys my "improved" skills creating this mod. I believe this mod feels much more refined than my last mod, and I have included some features not found in "Temple of Vulak."

I am still learning how to use the toolset... and I have to take it a day at a time. There are some "problems" with this mod such as - I don't know how to set triggers to change NPC interaction after you finish the mod. It will still feel like they're under seige. SORRY =P

- I don't hold any responsibilites if I break your game. I have done all my homework, and playtested many many times to ensure it is bug free.
- As always, please leave comments and report bugs. I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

For those who wants to read a brief history of where I drew my inspirations, please read below:

(Disclaimer for any lore fanatics: I DO NOT know the lore very well. I only read what I find on the internet. If I got the lore wrong, I apologize in advance.)

- CODEX ENTRY: THE LEGEND OF KING CALENHAD, CHAPTER 1 - http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Codex_Entry:_The_Legend_of_Calenhad,_Chapter_1

"Prior to the crowning of King Calenhad, Ferelden was little more than a collection of independent arlings and teyrnirs that warred on each other constantly over petty matters.

Calenhad was born in 5:20 Exhalted as the third son of a Highever merchant on hard times. He was eventually sent to a distant cousin, a poor young knight named Ser Forannan, who made Calenhad his squire and dog-handler. As the tale goes, Ser Forannan and his squire became caught up in one of the wars of unity at the time: Arl Myrddin was a strong but generally disliked man who was making a bid for kingship. Forannan's own lord, a young fool of an arl named Tenedor no older than Calenhad, was besieged by Myrddin's forces at his castle, today known as West Hill. When Myrrdin called Tenedor out to parley, the young arl asked for a volunteer from among the squires, someone who could masquerade as Tenedor in the parley party. Calenhad kneeled (knelt) before Tenedor and asked for the honor.

Much to Tenedor's and Ser Fornnan's dismay, Calenhad immediately identified himself to Arl Myrddin. When asked by the arl why he was here, Calehad explained that he had been asked to take the place of his lord. The arl said that he had planned to kill Tenedor -- was Calenhad willing to die in his lord's place, as well? Calenhad impressed Myrddin and his allies by saying that he was. Myrrdin offered Calenhad a place as his own squire, but Calenhad refused, stating that if Myrddin had planned on betrraying the right of parley, he was no man of honor. Myrddin's allies laughed at that, and Myrrdin himself conceded that Calenhad had a point. He allowed Callenhad to return to the castle safely and launched his final assault.

During the assault, both Tenedor and Forannan were killed, but Calenhad found himself in one-on-one combat with Arl Myrrdin. In front of all of Myrddin's allies, Calenhad defeated the arl and commanded (that) he call off his armies. The arl asked Calenhad who he professed to serve now, if both his knight and his lord were dead, to which Calenhad replied that he would do as his honor bade him to, for he had nothing else.

"You are not a man known for your honor," Calenhad said, "but I believe you wish to be. You allowed me to live once, and so now I do the same for you. Perhaps if more of our people lived by honor, we would learn to trust each other long enough to live together." And with that, Calenhad withdrew his sword.

"I am humbled by your words," Arl Myrrdin told Calenhad, dropping to one knee. To his allies he shouted that he now knew he would never be king, but he knew who should be. With that Myrddin pledged allegiance to Calenhad,whom he named teyrn and ruler of Tenedor's lands.

- CODEX ENTRY: THE LEGEND OF KING CALENHAD, CHAPTER 2 - http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Codex_Entry:_The_Legend_of_Calenhad,_Chapter_2

"With the allegiance of Arl Myrddin, Calenhad began his rise to greatness. Some of Myrddin's allies also pledged allegiance, but most thought him foolhardy: A boy commoner was to lead them and become king? Over the years that followed, however, Calenhad would prove himself worthy of Myrddin's trust. With each victory, he won over more men to his command and his reputation as a man of honor spread. Eventually, during his campaign against the lowland bannorn, he met his most infamous friend and companion, the vaunted warrior Lady Shayna. Calenhad married the famously beautiful daughter of Myrddin, Mairyn, and his firm belief in the ways of the Chantry became the staple of his court. In a time when the Chantry was still new to the lands and courts following Andraste held the majority of the power in Ferelden, Calenhad began to solidify the nation as one in line with the other nations around it. This piety eventually won over to Calenhad those faithful in Ferelden who had been waiting for such a leader.

With Lady Shayna at his side, Calenhad was unstoppable, and by 5:42 Exalted, the war for Ferelden had come down to one final battle against the collected forces of Simeon, Teyrn of Denerim and the most potent nobleman in the land. Calenhad persuaded the Circle of Magi to come to his aid, as well as the Ash Warriors, and in the Battle of White Valley, he famously defeated Teyrn Simeon and united the nation.

During the battle, Simeon nearly killed Calenhad, but Lady Shayna intervened and took the wound for him, slaying Simeon. Calenhad was crowned king in Denerim that year, with Mairyn his Queen, but he spent much of the months that followed nursing Lady Shayna back to health.

King Calenhad's Ferelden was peaceful for a time, with the Chantry spreading quickly under the King's guidance. Everywhere the king and queen went, they were surrounded by cheering crowds. The common folk celebrated Calenhad as one of their own who had achieved the impossible, and trade opened up with many outside lands for the first time in Ferelden's existence. But, as with many such golden ages, it was not to last."

- Codex Entry: The Legend of Calenhad, Chapter 3 - http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Codex_Entry:_The_Legend_of_Calenhad,_Chapter_3

"Calenhad's legend tells that Lady Shayna harbored a love for her king that went beyond friendship, a love that she had kept secret out of her sense of duty and honor. When offered a love potion by a witch in disguise--a witch who would later turn out to be the vengeance-seeking sister of Arl Simeon--Lady Shayna gave in to temptation. She used the potion on Calenhad, but Queen Mairyn discovered the two of them together that night, and, broken-hearted, fled Denerim to return to her father. She told Myrddin everything, and he angrily threatened to revoke his support of Calenhad and begin anew the civil war.

It is said that Lady Shayna felt remorseful at her manipulation of her best friend's heart and confessed her use of forbidden magic to the court. Although her life was forfeit, Calenhad forgave Lady Shayna for what she had done and refused to have her executed. Myrddin furiously roused the other arls against Calenhad and Lady Shayna, and it was not long before Ferelden stood on the brink of civil war once again.

Against Calenhad's orders, Lady Shayna went alone to Mairyn to plead for peace and plead her case, only to be found out by Myrddin and slain. Angered but also saddened, Calenhad challenged Myrddin to an honor duel, a fight neither of them wanted but both knew was necessary, and Myrddin was slain. The death of the king's greatest ally, an important arl, was too much for the young kingdom to bear. The other arls would not back down in their claims against Calenhad. The threat of civil war rose once again. Calenhad went to his wife one last time then, although none know what he said to her, and then he simply vanished. He left with Mairyn a proclamation abdicating his throne in favor of the son his queen carried in her belly, who eventually ascended to the throne as King Weylan I, the king credited with establishing the Theirin dynasty lasting to this day. Calenhad would never reappear.

The legend of Calenhad himself only grew over time, as stories and sightings multiplied, even long after the point when Calenhad could possibly still be alive. Some say he disappeared into the Korcari Wilds or went to live with the dwarves or even became a monk in a reclusive Chantry order. The Chantry named Calenhad one of the Anointed in 7:88 Storm. Calenhad's sword, Nemetos, was left with Mairyn and became a symbol of Ferelden kingship over the next century. Rumors of its magical powers grew, and when it was lost in the ambush that killed King Venedrin in 8:24 Blessed, it was seen as a great blow to the Theirin line. Several false swords have appeared since that time, but never has the true sword resurfaced."


"The four guardians symbolize all of Fereldan. The South guards the Kocari Wilds. The West watches Frostback Mountain. The East hunts those that violate Bracilian Forest. The North points at Free Marches. Together, these four guardians watch over Ferelden - lead by the Guardian of the South."

#1 Click on ANY statue, it does not matter (codex clue: The four guardians symbolize all of Fereldan)
#2 Click on the SOUTH statue. (codex clue: The South guards the Kocari Wilds)
#3 Click on the WEST statue. (codex clue: The West watches Frostback Mountain)
#4 Click on the EAST statue. (codex clue: The East hunts those that violate Bracilian Forest)
#5 Click on the NORTH statue. (codex clue: The North points at Free Marches)
#6 Finally.. click on the SOUTH statue again. (codex clue: Together, these four guardians watch over Ferelden - lead by the Guardian of the South)

If you read the codex, the order of statue you click on is given to you in the codex... if you can figure it out =) Anyways, I hope this helps you guys if you do get stuck.