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  1. spottedkomodo
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    As other people have pointed out there are a lot of rough edges in this mod. However I've not had any crashes. If you treat this as a combat mod it's great. I have Combat Tweaks with creature scaling on Nightmare and it's tough. I think I first went there at level 12 and cleared out the overground mobs. I had to leave, level up a bit and return, several times to progressively clear out the levels. The mages gave me the most trouble with their Crushing Prisons and Stone Fists. My party was all maxed at level 25 when I returned to finish off the mages and the rest of the mod.

    The infamous trap room was a bummer. I sent Shale running across setting off all the traps (I didn't bring a Rogue) whilst the rest of my party stayed back. Shale went too far and triggered the mobs in the next section. I thought WTH and sent Shale into combat with them thinking I could use the "teleport" trick to unHOLD my party and have them teleport to Shale (thus skipping over the traps). Unfortunately the teleport didn't work and the rest of my party got themselves all killed at the traps. Surprisingly Shale managed to single-handedly kill all those mobs (I had Combat Tweaks for Awakening and Origins and gave Shale the Guardian spec and using the Aura of the Stalwart Defender talent managed to keep most of the mobs knocked down most of the time). Unfortunately it was a pain trying to revive the rest of the party in the minefield of traps. So I reloaded, and because I didn't want to backtrack through several levels to get back to camp to reassign my party with a rogue I "runscript pc_immortal" my party through the traps (and "runscript pc_immortal" again to disable) and had my whole party dispatch those pesky mobs.

    Aside from the traps the biggest complaint I have about the mod is that is no way jump out, you have to tediously backtrack all the way.

    As for the Guardian Maze, the mod author has given the solution and the reasoning for it in description.

    The best tip for beating this mod is to concentrate on taking out one mob at a time. A lot of the mobs have equipment that regens their health incredibly quickly, if you don't damage them fast enough they're just unkillable. Eg my level 25 Warden 2H weapon warrior on his own wasn't able to take out one of those yellow Spirit Mages.
  2. JordanCP
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    For being a lore fan's first mod and making something purely for fun, this mod is great. No, it's not "Bioware hired me to make all this and paid me overtime with benefits to get it right" level of quality. If you're looking for that, this mod isn't for you.

    For those who give negative reviews years after this mod (made only a year after release) was built, remember: it wasn't made for you now. It was made for the tons of people who gave ideas, answered questions, etc. at the back of this comment thread. We just get to check out someone's hard work and either enjoy it or not.

    If you want a cool little side story that tries to expand on the legend of Calenhad and some fun, give this a shot. Personally, I wouldn't play the story until you're at least level 14 on all your party members. Not saying it isn't doable, but on Nightmare this one will bite a lot if you're lower-leveled.

    I saw many reviews with people stating this mod crashed their game. I never had a crash on my runthrough. Best case, mileage may vary based on PC build, other mods, etc.

    Regarding the items and loot you get, they're pretty decent looking. If you don't want them as powerful as they are (or if you want them stronger), you can always use The Winter Forge and restat them to something more or less powered to your liking.

    Issues you may have:

    Save, a lot. There are certain spots where strategy will matter. Pulling mobs vs. running in screaming, using corners, etc. If some of the mobs are allowed to gang up on you, chances are you'll be reloading a save.

    Undisarmable Traps. They're a thing, and there are tons of them here. Some rooms have a combination of disarmable traps and then the way is blocked with undisarmables. You're gearing up for a vanilla WoW dungeon here. Bring pots (I'd suggest greater warmth balms, stacks). There are tons of negative reviews regarding the traps not being able to be disarmed. Outthink them and gear up. For the very last trap room of evil, the author even placed the tools needed to get your team through; go slow, disarm what you can, balm where you need to, you'll be fine.

    The puzzle was definitely annoying. I loved the intent of it, but the mechanics were a pain in the butt to work past. If the walkthrough doesn't help you on the description page, here's a note from a user back in 2012, tigershadow2009, that helped me a lot:

    "Left Clicking to examine does not seem to be necessary just

    Save before you start
    1)Zone to second room (it looks the same) by clicking on any statue zoning symbol right click
    2)Zone on South Statue 1st Avatar appears Defeat
    3)Zone on West Statue 2nd Avatar appears Defeat
    4)Zone on East Statue 3rd Avatar appears Defeat
    5)Zone on North Statue 4th Avatar appears Defeat
    6)Zone on South Statue appear through door in short corridor before insane trap room

    Note if goes wrong somehow and this is really easy to mess up for example click on North statue by mistake before East one by following statues around. I found was best to go back to original save and start again otherwise can end up fighting same guardians more than once without progressing forward and these are not easy fights."

    I followed that and had no problems getting each avatar to emerge.

    Many folks may not enjoy this mod. Personally, I went looking for in-game King Calenhad gear and landed on this mod. Having a chance at Nemetos and the armor of the Silver Knight was awesome.

    Hope some of this helps many of you.
  3. Todmeister
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    Summation: If you are an immersive player, skip over this mod.

    I was very interested in this mod to begin with — it built on DA lore and made an interesting premise. The levels are extremely challenging, but its extremely rough around the edges, has some serious plot holes for immersive players, and the biggest mark against it is you can't complete it.

    The lack of mini maps in the custom layouts was jarring, and a little disorienting in the opening zone. The lack of music throughout the mod was disappointing, and hurt my immersion a lot. Giving custom creature names to some creatures that were quite blatantly something else (the desire demons, et al) didn't work for me, especially since this is supposed to be a lore friendly expansion.

    I was made interested by the opening dialogue that there would be a plot that built up throughout the adventure, only to be totally deflated by the endgame, where I could not finish the game — no cutscene after the end end boss, no QuestCompletes, no visual cue or coded satisfaction that I reached the end. Add to that that there is NO means to transport after the end boss, and getting out involves going all the way back through an empty dungeon — empty except for the traps that cannot be disabled (hint to builders — unbeatable traps are not challenging, they're just joy killers, and that's why God made rogues.)

    The storyline was plodded along by the "codex" entries that were not actually codex entries, but two-page long descriptions on items that took up unnecessary inventory space. Unfortunately, by the time I reached the end that wasn't, my immersion was totally blown, and I quit out, uninstalled the mod, and reverted to an earlier save before I went — it wasn't even worth keeping the loot for me.

    Some of the items were cool, some seemed a bit overpowered, and things like finding 20 recipes in a single bookshelf made the mod feel like it was more a thinly veiled grab for loot with a bit of plot to give it some legitimacy. Problem is, as an immersive player, ruining the immersion and leaving me with no resolution to the story just left me feeling like I didn't deserve any of the loot — not much more legitimately than if I used console commands to get it

    Sadly, this could have been polished a lot — toned down in places, tweaked in others, and had a couple volunteers to proofread (the plural of Darkspawn is still Darkspawn), and do a couple voiceovers, and a stronger coder to make codex entries work and do the scripting to make it a real quest — and it could have been a wonderful canon expansion for the OC. Heck, I'd be up for it on the story side of the mod, but since the builder files are all lost (always ALWAYS back up your projects — I've seen entire new pieces of software lost to lack of file security) I guess that won't be happening.
    1. JordanCP
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      I know this is essentially a necro, but for anyone using this review as a pro/con list for downloading this mod, please note:

      The writer of this review was wrong. There's an exit portal right at the sarcophagus which takes you all the way back to the front of the dungeon. It's not really easy to miss unless you never move your mouse around.
  4. petrawaifu
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    I really wanted to like this, but at the end of the day I only have two words for it: boring and sadistic.

    I'm not a hardcore gamer by any means, and had no idea what I was getting into with this. At firat I thought my mod was glitched, since the water is black and fuschia and there were robots disguised as Sers. After running along a windy path for nearly 10 minutes, I finally got into the dungeon, naive to how many layers there would be and how many times I would be dying over the next 5 hours. It was a lot.

    I thought to myself, "maybe I'm just playing it on too high of a difficulty, let me lower it and try again." Noooooooooope, I was on Easy the whole time and still died an undisclosed amount of times. Then came the infamous puzzle room.

    After 10 tries at the puzzle, even with the guide, I told myself it wasn't worth it and dipped. I got a sword at least, and got to sell everything else and have over 300 gold, so I guess there's a silver lining. Anyway, if you love yourself, don't get this mod. 

    Oh yeah, it also crashed my game 3 or 4 times, so that was annoying too.
  5. LadyXynthia
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    Enjoyed the mod until I reached the puzzle. It was not very well done. Confusing, frustrating and annoying. Hopefully the uploader can fix this dungeon a bit. Uninstalled for now.
  6. NimrodYanai
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    Is there a way to kill the self-healing suits of armor? No matter how much damage I do to them, they keep healing way before I ever get them to even half their life.
    Did this happen to anyone else? Or is this a bug that I'm the only one seeing?
  7. UniversalCypher
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    I do not typically reply to mods, because they mostly work as I would expect them to. That said, this is absolutely the worst mod I have ever downloaded. Reading the description for this mod, I did not expect to have an easy run at it. I definitely expected a pretty high level of difficulty, and I was prepared for that. Many deaths, lots of critical thinking and strategy to stay alive. But man, there is way too many unavoidable annoyances. I really have to speak directly at the traps and their placement. I'm not sure why, but there are frequent unavoidable deaths at the hand of traps which are placed with no rhyme or reason. You place an oil trap in the middle of flame traps and fireball traps - around 1% of traps can be disarmed, and 99% cannot be disarmed. One room specifically, the traps are placed in such a way that no matter what pattern the ones you can disarm are dispatched, too many remain to effectively guide each character through without certain death unless extreme luck holds your hand through it.

    The only thing that kept me playing through your mod was the fact that I simply just wanted it to end. Being difficult is one thing, but killing players just to make sure your mod contains certain death is gratuitous at best - for you. I cannot recommend this mod to anyone. Some of the battles were engaging, and justifiably difficult enough to satisfy. However, your trap scheme completely threw me off and consistently pushed me toward the opinion that this mod is incredibly absurd.

    In the end, I cannot make mods, so I can at least pay tribute to the fact that you have created something that is playable without bugs. The mod is clean, and that is commendable. But if your goal is to challenge the player, then challenge the player - this particular mod only frustrates in the long run.

    I wish you the best in your creative efforts, and hope that you execute your goals more clearly the next time you release a mod.

    Good Day,

  8. dragonagefun
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    Override file has only "area levels" I created. There are 2 new levels in this mod, which i made from scratch. I forgot to pack those map files, and released a zip ppl can unpack and drop into over ride. No AI files in there... purely level design file.
    1. BardsLogic
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      Hello, I am having trouble getting into the mod. The site is on the map but after I travel there it does not load. Could you please help me with this? Thanks!
  9. waywardangel
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    I really enjoyed this game although talking to the commanders on my way out gave me a 'huh' moment as they delivered the same dialogue as before I went in. No biggie. Could you get rid of the reflected glow from Calenhad's armour though? It makes anyone who wears it look creepy and I would love Al to meet Loghain in the landsmeet wearing CALENHAD'S armour. Prestigious.
    1. BardsLogic
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      Hello, I am having trouble getting into the mod. The site is on the map but after I travel there it does not load. Could you please help me with this? Thanks!
  10. CarolaLP
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    I have a question about the video

    where did you go through?
    West / South / North or East?

    because I'm already there
    and now I do not know myself where I worked as
    first out must
    and why do I need your help?

    I'm already there with Maze Of The Guardian

    I need help where you can go in