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A collection of female human and elf preset faces (.mor and .mop files included) I have put together and have been using in the game. Had a couple of people request the files from my avatar etc., so I decided to put up what morphs I have done so far for everyone to enjoy.

Permissions and credits
I had a terrible time trying to get some decent looking female faces out of the Character Creator, so I started toiling about with the DA Toolset a bit. Results were fairly "restricted" because of toolset limitations, but I was able to get a great frame with which to work and touch up in the Character Creator after. Currently, I have elf and human files included.

I have included .mop files (for use in the Character Creator), and .mor files (if you wish to replace an existing saved game face) for each face morph. In addition, as I make more face morphs, I will update here as well. I apologize for the amount of files these require...but they make for some pretty faces I think. :)

Also I want to say here that several of the required mods I use are a continuous work in progress, they get updated and I love to use their updates. Some are older mods and have not been updated in some time. However, mods such as LOTC Hairstyle Collection, by marquiseondore, LSs Eyes Pack, by LSiwora, and Wyld Tats, by Wyldsong do see frequent updates. So, be sure to check the more active mods for updates, because chances are I will end up using an update from them on my mods here! And also, while speaking of other peoples' wonderful works, if you like my morphs, please be sure to give the required/recommended mods your thank you's and endorsements/popularity crosses. I would not have been able to do my work as I do it if not for these creators who add so much to the DA gameworld. :)

The Chargenmorph All In One File I included under the Main files section is a collection of all of the required mods that need to be added to the chargenmorph file combined into one easy chargenmorph file. This is to help out those folks who either cannot get chargenmorphs to combine on their own, or choose to use this file instead. There are many other mods required to run all of my face morphs, but most can simply be placed into the override folder, and are accessible only through the toolset. If you choose to use my all in one chargen, be sure to follow the directions included carefully...failure to do so can result in odd lag and game crashes. Also, I did not add the necessary lines to this chargen all in one for my morphs themselves, as some folks may choose not to use some of my morphs (and I didn't want to cause odd crashing issues, etc. for those folks). Nevertheless, hopefully, that file will be handy to those who have problems getting some of those chargenmorphs to play nice and combine. :)

10/21/2010...In addition, I have included an all in one non-replacing file as a main file. You do NOT need this if you only wish to run what I've already provided as replacements to Bioware's presets. I included an additional readme in this file with detailed instructions on how to add these morphs as ones that do not replace Bioware's originals.

Without the following mods, I would not have been able to achieve the facial structures that I did. So, I'd like to give an extra special thank you to danscott84 for his rendition of Liv Tyler, and to Saxony_Porcelain for their beautiful faces! Many special thanks to Kronaras, author of Sacred Ashes Leliana Face...with his permission, I was able to make and post Kyli up...I used his .mrh file as a facial structure.
-Requested HeadMorphs by danscott84
-Pretty Faces_Male and Female Preset Heads, Saxony_Porcelain
-Sacred Ashes Leliana Face by Kronaras

9/16/2010...For the additional face, Reyna, I have included...full credit goes to Xelte, author of The Phoenix Armory for Females. I got a request to attempt to recreate that face, and my attempt is what is included here! I simply used Xelte's photos to work out the details. So, thank you so much Xelte for the lovely mod, and the lovely face. :) You can find Xelte's beautiful armor here.

9/17/2010...made a small correction to Ciire. She was supposed to have an opal gem appearing on her forehead, in the middle of the moon tattoo, but it wasn't showing up in game. It should show up fine now (tested on my computer).

9/20/2010...I added Niire to the mix. She has Edie's facial structure and lips, but I changed up her hair, eyes, and tattoo. :)

9/25/2010...I added a version 2 of Aurora, inspired by the new eye textures recently released by Bidelle, in Bidelles Cosmetics. Thank you so much for your hard work! :D I am certain more Bidelle inspired faces will be forthcoming.

09/29/2010...I'm still extremely stuck on Bidelle's eyes. I also felt the need to go a little punkish with a couple of faces. I added Brianna and Lori to the face collection. Required files for them are the same as a couple of other characters, see below for that. :)

09/29/2010 again...By request, Claudia Black for alexbramos. Hopefully I didn't butcher her too badly! I included a properly named morph to drop into your override folder for Morrigan, and then the standard .mop and .mor. I did her eyes as a greyish color, but I can change that up upon request as well. :)

10/19/2010...Three new faces for your enjoyment! Arianna, a Dalish mage. Kyli, human inspired by Kronaras. Sharae, an elf that I am using as a mage at the moment. :)

10/27/2010...Added in Elandi. You'll need Beautiful People Hair REN, by glee, to run her with the hair she has in the picture. If you prefer not to use this mod, you will still be able to select your own hair from the CC...however, the .mor file will come out...odd...if you plug it in without that downloaded.

11/04/2010...Inspired by Raptures Witcher, an armor mod by InBleedingRapture, I decided to make a Triss morph for use with this lovely armor. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

11/05/2010..tinkering around, I added an elven version of Triss, named Trissa. You definitely need Wyld's Tats to make her work.

01/17/2011...I added in several faces and made many changes I forgot to put up a little note about...but today's update corrects an eye texture issue with Kyli, as well as a bad readme link...thank you very much pyrrhicd20 for finding these issues for me! :)

I would like to thank all of the authors of the mods listed below as well, for their amazing works. Without them, this wouldn't have been possible. I would also like to thank Bioware for putting out this wonderful game as well!

I am also willing to do requests, feel free to send me a private message if you have one. Cannot guarantee I will 100% nail them, but hey, it's fun to try!! Also, feel free to post images of your characters here. I love to see what other people can do. :)

Required Mods
The following files are required to run these faces...this is a list of ALL required mods. Each individual file has individual morphs requirements in each folder. :)

-Bidelles Makeup Studio, by Bidelle
-CC Extra Tints and Tones, by Jaylo
-More Hairstyles, by kzelsama
-Dracomies True Textures (From Dragon Age Redesigned Version 7-3a), by Dracomies
-Tucked Hair, by tmp7704
Be sure to pick up the "earring" file as well.
-LOTC s Female Eyelashes (LOTC s Character Creator Longer Eyelashes), by lastofthecouslands
-Pineappletree s Vibrant Colors, by Pineappletree
-Eye textures, by cris
-LSs Eyes Pack, by LSiwora
-Wyld Tats, by Wyldsong
-Character Creation Files, by Serissia
-Dont worry Be hairy, by J1nX
-Seri Tattoos, by Serissia
-Planes Traveller appearance package, by Moonwing
-Simple Tattoos, by Leakingroof
-PAngel Eyes, by prosthetic_angel
-Wolf pack of face tattoos, by WolfheartHU
-LOTC s Default Eye Texture, by lastofthecouslands
-Bidelle's Cosmetics, by Bidelle
-cemeteryschilds Custom Tattoos, by cemeteryschild
-Beautiful People Hair REN, by glee
-LOTC Hairstyle Collection, by marquiseondore
-Sacred Ashes Leliana Face, by Kronaras
I used the included textures by endeavour1934, included
in this file...I just dropped the texture file into my
override to get it to work.

Other Projects I Have Work In
-The Bad Girls Club of Dragon Age Tatted and Tough
-Male Faces Compilation
-Raptures Witcher, Aesthetics Pack (Coming Soon!), by InBleedingRapture

Recommended Mods
*Just morphs - 121 mor files and 96 presets, by Entopie*
I personally use these presets and I love them! Entopie
does amazing work. If you're like me, and love variety in
your face morphs, be sure to pick this up!:)
*Ferelden Models - Unique Character Morphs and Presets, by Mochie (aka Mochen)*
I've loved Mochen's work for a long time...she has
tirelessly posted up screenshots of beautiful characters
over at the Bioware social site. She has now released
those to the public, and these are morphs I also now use
in my presets. :)
*Auroras pretty faces, by Nowshin*
Starting with Nowshin's beautiful morphs, you can click on
her name and follow the links to her other wonderful armor
mods. I recommend it all, it's amazing work. :D
*Raptures Witcher, by InBleedingRapture*
This one is going to be just like Nowshin...start with
this mod, then click the author's name to follow all of
his past projects. I highly recommend them all.
Breathtaking and original work! :)
*CharGenMorph Compiler, by Terra_Ex*
For combining all of the chargens from those mods
listed as required above with ease. :)
*DragonAge Face Replacer, by NewByPower*
This is one of the greatest scripts out there! It can
replace faces in saved games, among many other functions.
*DAModder - Premiere DA Mod Manager, by
Another amazing tool, makes adding DAZIP files a breeze.
*Improved Atmosphere, by SpaceAlex*
Adds many awesome new dimensions to DA, wouldn't play
without this!
*Dragon Age Redesigned Version 7-3a, by Dracomies*
You get Dracomies True Textures from here, but the entire
mod itself is amazing. Another must have for me.
*Spidercat Eyes, by Spidercat*
A recent addition to my immense mod collection, these eyes
are very unique and amazing looking. If you like to make
morphs in the toolset, you'll love these eyes!
*Universal Dye Kit, by nezroy*
A must have in my opinion, so versatile.
*The Winter Forge, by Phaenan*
Same as with the Universal Dye Kit, I cannot imagine
playing DA without this one either.

This is a list of the armors my ladies are displaying in the images on the website, in case anyone might be interested. I love to coordinate faces with outfits, and these outfits are amazing!
-Aurora v2...Kahlan Outfit, from Mord Sith Armour by

-Lori...Black Punk version AMY Outfit by glee
-Ayanna...Phoenix-Matriarch Armor The Phoenix Armory for
Females by Xelte

-Edie, Alissa, Niire, and Brianna...Underworld Armory by
zertualpro and Sinblood, uploaded by Fraper
*I also use Underworld Retex by zertualpros,
uploaded by foxunit
-Sharae...Shangrilla noble dress by Nowshin
*This robe is fully tintable using Universl Dye
Kit...Sharae is using the blue color tint in her images.