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Lealion is a Human Mage that was at Ostagar and barely survived the battle; she is accompanied by a surviving Mabari Warhound named Legion.

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This project will add a new recruitable and romanceable companion and a new recruitable Mabari to Dragon Age: Origins; Lealion is, like Alistair and the Warden, a survivor of the Battle of Ostagar who is accompanied by Legion, a Mabari Warhound she discovered while trying to escape the Darkspawn Horde.

Lealion and Legion will be located in Lothering near the Chanter's Board.

This mod is compatible with Return to Korcari Wilds, Ser Gilmore (by Immortality), The Bloodworks, and Dark Times: the Confederacy of Malkuth Act 1, Saarebas the Qunari Mage, Karma's Companions, Quests and Legends; some features of these mods may clash, but no major incompatibility issues should exist after my next update.

Head Morph Rquired files
Lealion's new head morph requires PineappleTree's Vibrant Colors and Kzelsama's More Hairstyles mods.

Beta Note
I will be releasing a Beta Version of the mod soon that will include a fully functional Fade Nightmare for Lealion and new hiring scripts that will enable you to level her up as you desire; I designed her backstory to be an Arcane Warrior, so that is what I recommend as her first Specialization. She and Legion will also have new camp handling routines that will enable them to appear in the main party camp locations in the story; I will also attempt to have them appear properly in the two alternate versions of the outdoor party camp. Voiceover work will start soon.