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Ancient weapons of Elvhenan. Made out of Elvhenan Alloy, they are powerful weapons with a deadly beauty and grace.

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New! added an elf vendor that will carry these for those of you who would like to "earn" them in a more standard gameplay fashion.
Rapture-X Vendor

If you are here from the gmods site, you are helping them steal bandwidth. Please log out of their site and download this and any of my other mods from logging in to the Nexus sites only. Thank you.

This is our first release of themed mods. The sister and brother mods are also released, Weapons of Andraste and Sword of Mercy.

Version 2.0 released!
Version 2.0 is here! If you don't want the VFX, stick with v1.21.

History of the Elvhenan weapons
In Ancient times, long before the Tevinter Imperium, the immortal Elven smiths of Elvhenan were without peer. The greatest of these smiths, whose name is lost to legend, discovered a new way of combining, folding and aligning metal in such a way that the weapons he produced were of a quality not seen before or since. The swords he produced were powerful and had a deadly grace and beauty. They named the metal "Elvhenan Alloy".

The finest of all ancient elven craftsmanship, these weapons were light, extremely durable and never lost their sheen. The crafting of these blades ceased sometime right before the Elves started to lose their immortality. They began to withdraw from human contact shortly thereafter. The withdrawal was a fearful response to the "Shemlen" exposure which lore states "caused the elves to quicken themselves". The Tevinter Imperium saw this as a sign of hostility and began the invasion of Elvhenan. The weapons were hidden or destroyed along with their crafting methods.

Many tried to create similar weapons during the Tevinter Imperium, but lacked the skill and knowledge of the immortal elven smiths. When the Elves were granted land in the Dales upon Andraste's victory, the elven smiths were chagrined to find that the Elvhenan Alloy crafting methods were lost. Rumors persist that a few of these weapons survived, but no one knows where.

(SS in images section of this download)
- All weapons are fully rune-enabled.

Getting the weapons:
You can now use our optional "Inventory spawn" file if you want a complete set to spawn in your inventory upon loading a save game without having to use the console. This will only spawn 1 set upon first loading a save game after the optional file is installed so it doesn't fill up your inventory. You can still use the add weapon commands to get more while using the optional "Inventory spawn" file. Use the console script
"runscript nicos_gift" for the longsword
"runscript nicos_talon" for the dagger
"runscript nicos_naginata" for the 2h greatsword
We are using these script names out of respect for Nico and his spectacular work. If you want more than one, just type the script over as many times as you want. (or just hit your tilde key, hit your up arrow, and hit enter - repeat) You can get instructions on how to enable your console by using the wiki link below in the requirements section. Glowing rune versions can be acquired by adding "_glow" to the commands. (i.e. "runscript nicos_naginata_glow")

Unzip with 7-zip found here to a temp location on your hard drive.
We recommend you install this via a modmanager. It has been tested on DAO-Modmanager.
Directions for the inventory spawn (have the items automatically put on your inventory) installation:
Download the optional inventory spawn file. Unzip it to a temporary location on you hard drive using 7-Zip. Copy the "elvhenan_weapons.cif" file inside it and paste that file into your override file. Next time you load a save game, the swords will be in your inventory. Look up to the yellow text above for how to get around the Dragon Age new character creation inventory spawn bug.
To install the glow packs, unzip the optional file, open it up and choose only one folder from the handle color file and one folder from the rune color file and put those in your override folder. To change colors, simply delete whichever previous color file you put in the override and put in the new one.

Installation via the DAupdater:
1. Unzip the 7-zip archive to a location you will remember. You can get 7-zip here if you don't have it.
2. Open the program daupdater.exe, which is in your Dragon Age\bin_ship folder.
3. Click "Select DAZIPs" and locate either the updated main file, "elvhenan_weapons_v1_21.dazip", OR "elvhenan_weapons_v1_2.dazip" OR the "elvhenan_weapons_glow_v1_2.dazip" file or simply drag and drop ONE of the files into the dauptater window.
4. Select the dazip from the list and then press "Install Selected."

Important: You can only use one dazip Full version at a time. You must uninstall the current version before installing the alternate version. You do not need to remove either of the optional files from the "Handle color package" or the "Inventory spawn" files when you switch main "Full versions". They are compatible with all "Full versions" and don't need to be part of the uninstall process while switching main files.
I discovered our "Inventory spawn optional file" has the same common issue with creating new characters and then having the inventory not spawn if the either of the "Full versions" are enabled when you create the new character. To get around this, uncheck "Elvhenan Weapons" in the "Installed Content" of the *DLC menu BEFORE you create a new character. After you have saved your game for the first time with your new character, exit to the *DLC menu and re-enable our mod. Load your save of your newly created character and the weapons will have spawned correctly in your new character's inventory. This is a common issue with mods and the method to get around this DA bug should work for most of the other mods you might be having a similar issue with.
*DLC menu = Downloadable Content menu or "Download Content" menu for short.

You will need to have your console enabled. You must use a console script to add them to your inventory for now. (unless you use our optional inventory spawn file) Here is the wiki that explains how to enable your console if you haven't already: Enabling your Console
The scripts you will have to type to get these are "runscript nicos_gift", "runscript nicos_talon" and "runscript nicos_naginata"
Adding "_glow" to any of these commands will spawn the glowing rune version of that weapon.

"Make CONSOLE Commands Visible" mod found here.
It makes it much easier if you can actual read what you are typing.

Origin of these models:
These swords were originally released by Nicoroshi as a modder's resource based on Kit Rae's Mithrodin idea/model. They have a custom material type. They were imported, made ready for DA, scripted and packaged up by my friend and partner, InBleedingRapture who I expect you will be seeing other great things from in the future. The daggers, called "Nicos Talon", were designed to have a "dragon talon feel". The inspiration to deviate from the norm of just "over sizing the longsword model" was our idea which was inspired by my mental picture of what the lochaber ax looked like Sir Bevier carried in the David Eddings trilogies, "The Elenium" and "The Tamuli". Sir Bevier's lochaber ax was often described as "Wicked and scary looking". I think we accomplished both looks IMHO. We also have another weapon set and an armor mod or two in the works. Stay tuned. ;)

*In reference to the darkspawn effects on these weapons:
The purity of these blades gives them an inherent damaging ability on beings of corruption. This is not an "imposed enchantment", but an aspect of the blade's creation methods. I know about the lore time table inconsistencies of this and how the time table doesn't make sense from a literal point of view. (thanks danscott84 for bringing this up) I hope this explanation will at least partially satisfy the "lore purists". I did just make most of this up in an attempt to make the backstory more interesting to the public. I think a good backstory can be as fun to read sometimes as the mod is to use.

-Nicoroshi for his beautiful work this mod is based on and his gracious allowance for it to be a modder's resource
-InBleedingRapture for all of his hard work importing this and getting it packaged up and ready for release
-Kit Rae for the design these weapons are based on

Tools used:
DA toolset

Use this at your own risk. Use of this mod is for your personal use only. You may not redistribute or re-upload ANY PART of this mod anywhere without permission. This includes "compilation packs" "fixes" and translations. The material is new and custom designed/imagined by us and can't be used without permission.