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History of the Elvhenan weapons

In Ancient times, long before the Tevinter Imperium, the immortal Elven smiths of Elvhenan were without peer. The greatest of these smiths, whose name is lost to legend, discovered a new way of combining, folding and aligning metal in such a way that the weapons he produced were of a quality not seen before or since. The swords he produced were powerful and had a deadly grace and beauty. They named the metal "Elvhenan Alloy".

The finest of all ancient elven craftsmanship, these weapons were light, extremely durable and never lost their sheen. The crafting of these blades ceased sometime right before the Elves started to lose their immortality. They began to withdraw from human contact shortly thereafter. The withdrawal was a fearful response to the "Shemlen" exposure which lore states "caused the elves to quicken themselves". The Tevinter Imperium saw this as a sign of hostility and began the invasion of Elvhenan. The weapons were hidden or destroyed along with their crafting methods.

Many tried to create similar weapons during the Tevinter Imperium, but lacked the skill and knowledge of the immortal elven smiths. When the Elves were granted land in the Dales upon Andraste's victory, the elven smiths were chagrined to find that the Elvhenan Alloy crafting methods were lost. Rumors persist that a few of these weapons survived, but no one knows where.

These swords were originally released by Nicoroshi as a modder's resource based off Kit Rae's Mithrodin idea/model. They have a custom material type. The were imported, made ready for DA, scripted and packaged up by my friend, InBleedingRapture who I expect you will be seeing other great things from in the future. Initially, we are just releasing the longswords but have plans to release a 2h version and some daggers as well if there is enough interest.....we also have an armor mod or two in the works.

Getting the weapons:
Use the console script "runscript nicos_gift" and one of these swords will show up in your inventory. We are using that script name out of respect for Nico and his spectacular work. If you want more than one, just type the script over as many times as you want. (or just hit your tilde key, hit your up arrow, and hit enter - repeat) You can get instructions on how to enable your console by using the wiki link below in the requirements section.

We recommend you install this via a modmanager. It has been tested on DAO-Modmanager. You can get it here: http://www.dragonagenexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=277

Installation via the DAupdater:

1. Unzip the 7-zip archive to a location you will remember. You can get 7-zip here if you don't have it: http://www.7-zip.org/
2. Open the program daupdater.exe, which is in your Dragon Age\bin_ship folder.
3. Click "Select DAZIPs" and locate the "elvhenan_weapons_v1_0.dazip" file or simply drag and drop the file into the dauptater window.
4. Select the dazip from the list and then press "Install Selected."

You will need to have your console enabled. We are considering making a little mod where you will have to fight some baddies for these, but that is a maybe in the future. You must use a console script to add them to your inventory for now. Here is the wiki that explains how to enable your console if you haven't already:
The script you will have to type to get these is "runscript nicos_gift".

"Make CONSOLE commands visible" mod found here:
It makes it much easier if you can actual read what you are typing.

-Nicoroshi for his beautiful work this mod is based on and his gracious allowance for it to be a modder's resource
-InBleedingRapture for all of his hard work importing this and getting it packaged up and ready for release
-Kit Rae for the design these weapons are based on

Tools used:
DA toolset

Use this at your own risk. Use of this mod is for your personal use only. You may not redistribute or re-upload this mod anywhere without permission.