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Cousland male and female presets based on parents\' .mrh files.

Permissions and credits
There are two preset files, one male and one female.

This mod was created using the following mods:

kzelsama's More Hairstyles located at:

Pineappletree's Pineappletree s Vibrant Colors located at:

Dracomies True Textures

The male is a mix of Fergus and Bryce Cousland, but much younger and better looking, IMO. I found that I still have to choose the "younger" skin complexion option when created a new character with this file. Move the slider all the way to the left to make him younger.

The female is a slight adaptation of Eleanor Cousland. I changed her cheekbone structure a little to be more like her dad, made her eyes more squinty, nose a little broader and lowered her brows a tad. Obviously, also made her younger.

Please see pictures for detailed images of presets as used in game.

You can still change their hair and all other features during character creation, but this will at least give you genetically accurate facial structures for the Cousland origin PCs.

To install, unzip the file and place one or both files in to your Override folder.

In order to get the hair shown in my screen caps on the male Cousland, you will need to download kzelsama's mod, More Hairstyles, located at:


The male cousland will be your second preset option in the Character Creator and the female cousland will be the third preset option. I have other presets and that caused me to number them differently. Keep in mind that these mods do not look the same in the character creator as they will in game, that's why I made sure to post as many images as possible.