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My Personal Morrigan that I decided to share.

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Yes, yes another Morri morph, I uploaded her, because I liked how she turned out, and wanted to share. If you aren't interested, or she isn't to your taste... move along!

To install, download requred mods, and drop MOR file in your override folder, and TADA! New Morrigan, when bored with her just yank her back out of the override folder.

For PC : Instillation for the .mor can be done through the toolset, I would suggest if you don't know how to do this, hit up the WIKI, or download the Dragon Age Face Replacer Mod, which if you do that, all you will need to do is start a new game, save, exit, then run the program, very easy. Follow the instructions on that mod page to install etc.

Dragon Age Face Replacer Mod
http://www.dragonagenexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=428 (THIS IS A WONDERFUL TOOL!!!!!)

Required Mods

Dracomies True Textures by: Dracomies/Petehog~ Also avail here on the Nexus. You only need the True Textures, but I suggest the whole mod, it is awesome.

PAngel Eyes by: prosthetic_angel

Eyebrow Presets by: lastofthecouslands uploaded by marquiseondore

Black Hair is Black by Midnight Voyager (Optional file I use it because I hate the default black hair color, If you don't mind the default don't bother with it!)

So if you have any questions or comments or requests leave them in the comments section or pm me. I am more than happy to work with peeps to help out, and this morph does work, she is my in game Morri! So let me know if you are having issues.

Another note, please do not redestribute or reupload ANYWHERE without my express permission, I created this face, thanks!

Update 11/12/2010 ******************************************************************************************

I added some additional versions with different hairstlyles. You will need a couple different mods for these to show up in game should you decide to download these optional files.

For either of TMP's files you will need the Tucked Hair Mod, which you can find here:

Tucked Hair by tmp7704

For the Version of Morrigan With the Don't Worry Be Hairy (DWBH) you can install the original file, which can be tricky to get working it can be found here:


Or install More Hairstyles, which is also needed for the Lady of the Forest Morrigan and is a whole lot easier! You can find that one hear:

More Hairstyles by kzelsama

Update 11/13/2010

Added one version of Morrigan with original hairstyle and without Dracomies True Textures per request. Keep in mind she does not look the same as the other versions as without the face textures her makeup is altered, as well as skin is less smooth.