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Mage robe based on the concept art design for mages. 100% UDK compatible. Can be imported to awakening.

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UPDATE: 30/12/2010: Changed the console command enabler file for a quick fix so this item will show up if you import the character to awakening.


This is my attempt at making a Mage robe based on the concept art design for mages. 100% UDK compatible.


Labyrinths all over the world have served as traps for malevolent spirits for centuries, yet it can be thought of as symbolic forms of pilgrimage where people can walk the path, ascending toward salvation or enlightenment.


This robe was found in the deepest center of an eerie Labyrinth by a brave explorer, who, sensing the otherworldly energies from the item sent it to the circle to keep it as a confisticated artifact. After the eacape of the Blood mage Jowan, this item was found supiciously missing from the archives, and no one knows whether it fallen into the hands of a malificar or just someone who intends to use the artifact to achieve a greater goal in life.

UDK Application preview:


Install the dazip using daupdater. This updater is located where you installed the actual game in the bin_ship subfolder.
The path is normally: "C:\Programs\Dragon Age\bin_ship\daupdater.exe"
If you installed to another drive or location you can find it there in the "\Dragon Age\bin_ship" folder.

Make sure your game is not running and go to that directory and run the daupdater.exe,Now you can just drag and drop the .dazip file into the window that opens OR select it from your download location by pressing the "select DAZIP"-Button.

When you have done that you see the .dazip file in the list, (you could add more than one file and install them all one after the other) now select it by clicking on it and press the "install selected" button.Don't get irritated by the loading bar that isn't fully filled, when it says installed then its done.You can check the successful installation when you click on the log tab, at the end of the log it says that it succeeded. (or that the Installation was canceled because there was an Error, normally with a fault message/mention of the file that caused it).

Once you load a savegame, the robe will spawn in your inventory.

If you wish to respawn the item, download the "console command enabler" file, unzip it and put the file in your override folder.Enable the console and type " runscript lab_give_robe " to get an additional set of robes. You won't see any "item received" message, but opening up the inventory will show you that it's there. Can be done as many times as you like. (Instructions on accessing console )

After the 30/12 update, the console command should work for both Awakening and Origins (Also Leliana's song or Witch Hunt, which is still unconfirmed). However, it will AUTOMATICALLY spawn in inventory only for origins, I'll try to remedy that.


However, create a new character BEFORE installing the mod or install the mod and it will work for an older saved game.

If you already have installed the mod and want to start a new character,
1. Remove the mod completely
2. Start a new character
3. Install the mod
and the outfit should appear in your inventory. :)

UPDATE: Or you can just use the console command


* This does not overwrite any existing DA files. In case of ITEM ID clash (for who don't know, meaning this item overwrites another item or vice versa) please report the name of the mod.

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For more color options you could use the tint pack from the excellent
Phoenix Armory for Females


Infinite thanks to tmp7704 for his huge help and advice on mesh handling and his permission for using his seductress shape for female clothing. <3 <3 You rock!

This mod was made using Dragon Blender by NewByPower and Natural Body meshes and textures, also by NewByPower. He is awesome!

Also thanks to Alexspeed for his excellent guide on mod installation. ;)