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This mod contains a Grey Warden armor and weapon corrupted by a malevolent spirit of the Fade:
Corrupted Warden Helm
Corrupted Warden Chestplate
Corrupted Warden Gloves
Corrupted Warden Boots
Corrupted Warden Greatsword

Each item provides various bonuses, but also comes with a risk to the wearer's willpower. An armor set bonus
is also present for equipping the boots, gloves, helm and chestplate.

The armor set can be equipped by all races, classes and genders. Each item has a custom description
and custom icon. No existing items will be replaced by this mod.

Known bugs: Bodahn Feddic resets his inventory after the player's first visit to the party camp
(the first Archdemon dream, just after leaving Lothering). This is a game bug that inadvertently causes
the items of this mod not to appear in subsequent visits to the party camp. To avoid this, disable the mod
in the DLC menu before leaving Lothering, load your game, then after visiting the party camp for the first time,
leave it and then return, save your game, exit to main menu and enable the mod. Then load your game and
the items of this mod will be available at Bodahn's store every time you visit the party camp,
until you decide to buy them.

1) navigate to your Dragon Age install directory: ..\Dragon Age\bin_ship
2) run the daupdater.exe
3) click on the "Select DAZIPs" button
4) navigate to the folder where you saved the corrupted_set.dazip file, select it and click "Open"
5) select the corrupted_set.dazip file from the list and click "Install selected".

In-game acquisition:
The armor pieces and weapons are available for purchase from Bodahn Feddic at the party camp.

Design notes:

In the comments section of my Armor of Garahel, here at the nexus,
there was a suggestion to make a red-black reskin of that set. After experimenting with the idea,
I decided it would fit a lot better with a completely separate armor, so I created this set.
It may share one or two elements in common with my Garahel set, but I made sure the similarities are minimal.
I've also added a greatsword to emphasize the difference and orient this set towards two-handed weapon wielders.
I'd like to thanks Issa 5 for his "red-black armor with Grey Warden heraldry on the chest" idea that
inspired this set.


While I can't guarantee this mod will work perfectly with any other mod out there,
I can say that it works with the following mods:
- Orator Vestments by cgramnaes
- Armor of the Devout by cgramnaes
- Elven boots fix

This mod also works with my other two mods:
Armor of Garahel
Armor of the White Magus

The mod has also been tested to correctly import from an existing character save
into a new game of Awakening, Golems of Amgarrak and Witch Hunt.

Tutorials used: