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  1. LightBorneX
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    My skills disappeared, but appear to still be in the database. Is there any easy way to add them back with the console?
  2. PLSwork2000
    • member
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    Having combat problems after installing this mod. If i get stunned, frozen, evade, parry etc, i can no longer control any said character afflicted.
  3. tmj1726
    • member
    • 2 posts
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    Doesn't work at all for me
  4. okami0154
    • member
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    how do i get this working for awakening
  5. lauretta
    • member
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    Has a few kinks but still what I'd consider a must-have mod if you don't want to lose your mind manually looting everything. Just want to add that if you have any issues with items not being added correctly to your inventory, disable this mod (in-game) first and then try again. For example, I ran into a bug during the Captured! quest where I didn't receive all of my gear back after escaping the cell and checking the equipment chest. I disabled the mod in-game and started from a last checkpoint and was able to receive everything.

    For Return to Ostagar, the quest doesn't register you as having collected Cailan's armor if you use this mod to auto loot. I put the armor pieces into the Party Storage Chest at Soldier's Peak and withdrew them from the chest, and that registered them for the quest completion.

    Also be wary if there are still enemies in the vicinity, as sometimes the auto loot function will take your character near them and aggro them. The pathing/item looting isn't 100% perfect but I still recommend using this over not using it at all.
  6. Pankypops
    • member
    • 11 posts
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    Got that irritating issue where Return to Ostagar won't complete. Even tried using the Party Storage Chest but it didn't work.
    1. epn113
      • member
      • 97 posts
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      I was unable to finish that quest too with this mod installed, then I tried to use the chest on Soldier's Peak to store the King Cailan's Gears and take those gears back to my inventroy. Finally the quest completed
  7. carpesangrea
    • premium
    • 364 posts
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    The "loot everything near me" function is completely busted.  Fairly often my character takes off on an unstoppable sprint aggroing half the zone only to return to the original spot and not loot anything.  At one point my character was trying to loot a chest behind a locked door and got stuck in a loop of running back and forth.  I had to reload a save for that one.

    At least the function to bypass the loot window works.
  8. highhthere
    • premium
    • 5,097 posts
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    If anyone knows of any way to get something like this for DA2, please shoot me a message!
    Regardless, an essential to any playthrough. Thank you, Pheelon! n.n
  9. KaliVasNormandy
    • member
    • 3 posts
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    Hello. Finally playing DA on PC instead of Xbox because I really want to learn how to use Mods. I'm psyched and the Forums are really helpful. Auto Loot has never worked. No Helmet Hack works. And I'm hoping that I added Lock Bash correctly. So...just saying hi!
    1. SweetLittleParadox
      • member
      • 67 posts
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      Have you managed to figure this out? I can talk you through it if you haven't managed.
  10. baconelk
    • premium
    • 114 posts
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    Holy hell, this is amazing. I'm over 30 hours into my 2nd playthrough and hadn't realized this existed. It works great.