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This mod will replace all of the templar armors in Dragon Age: Origins into Dragon Age 2 templar armor designs.

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.:: Templars of Ferelden ::.

I want to thank you all for endorsing and using my mods. However, I would need to apologize to you all that due to real life and work commitments, I will no longer be able to support any of the mods I uploaded. I understand there are several people that are having issues in getting my mods to work. All I can say is I'm sorry, but there is nothing I can do to address them. I would like to thank the community as well for helping those with issues where I couldn't. I will forever be in your debt.

My mods will always be available for download to those who wants them, but if anyone wishes to take my mods to the next level and fix all the issues everyone else is facing, feel free to do so. All I ask is for you to credit me as well as those I credited in this mod. Without them, none of this would be possible. Enjoy

This mod will change the appearance of all templars into wearing the Dragon Age 2 model.
Some of the main features of this mod are:

1. All Templars will be wearing the heavy armor variant of the Dragon Age 2 Templars.

2. Most templars will be wearing the bucket head model of the helmet. While some will be wearing the winged model of the helmets.

3. Knight-Commander Greagoir will be wearing Meredith's armor as a Knight-Commander armor
as well as Knight-Commanders Tavish and Harrith.

If you want to have Winged helmets for ALL templars instead of the
DA2 bucket helmets for most of them, use the "OPTIONAL - All Winged Helmets"
folder WITH the main files. Also, if you want Greagoir and Knight-Commander
armors to appear as DA2 normal Templar armor instead, use the
"OPTIONAL - Normal Knight-Commander Armor" WITH the main files.

DO NOT install using the OPTIONAL folder, but instead, Extract ONE of the two folders
inside into your Override folder depending on which version you use.

- Kirkwall Exports by Amycus.

Choose one Folder depending on which version you use.

- "Improved Atmosphere" Use this folder if you ARE using Improved Atmosphere mod.
- "Templars of Ferelden" Use this folder if you are NOT using Improved Atmosphere mod.

Just extract one of these folders into your Override Folder.
The Dragon Age Override folder can be found in your:

DocumentsBioWareDragon Agepackagescoreoverride

Overwrite when necessary.

Just remove the folders from your Override folder.

- Amycus for making the DA2 templar armor available in DA:O through Kirkwall Exports Mod.
- Bioware for the game resources.

| Enjoy the mod ^_^ |