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This mod is a single-player add-on and is best for higher levels 15 on up (and is compatible with Quests and Legends and Ser Gilmore). If you like this mod try

my other single-player add-on quest mods Ancient Elven Ruins (levels 6 on up) and Swamp Tower (levels 15 on up) for two more adventures.

Pints and Quarts is a tavern on the road east of Redcliffe village and should appear after you leave Lothering for the first time. The tavern Pints and Quarts is

the staging ground for several quests and adventures. There are now FIVE fully voiced adventures you can go on. Talk to the bartender and he will point you to three

quest givers. There are two other quest givers ready to tell you about possible quests. The mods are meant to be challenging and will present you with some

new areas and items so you should be entertained for a few hours. In each quest you are sent to a map pin in the dialogue if you choose to do the quest.

One of the adventures is a sequel to my first mod Ancient Elven Ruins (so be sure and play it!). Be sure and comment or discuss issues and concerns about the mod.

On the initial release and any updates I will monitor the site regularly to make sure things are working like they are supposed too.

There is an homage to Michael Moorcock and Karl Edward Wagner and two of my favorite characters (Elric and Kane) in this mod. Easter Egg - In the mod with Kane if

you pick the right dialogue choices you may be privileged to hear a couple of poems written by Karl Edward Wagner. The quest with Kane is an adaptation of one of

Mr. Wagner's stories.

Installation Instructions:
You now only need the PQ dazip which will install into a directory called DeathsShadow which is the original name of the mod Pints and Quarts.

To install the dazip I highly recommend using DAModder.

Many thanks go to the creators of other mods which I got ideas from and for my playtester extraordinaire MerAnne who has contributed to the mod with a walkthrough/tips

/and spoilers you can read here: http://social.bioware.com/project/8040/#discussions

I am a teacher and have taught digital media, graphic design and fine art. I like the artistic aspects of the toolset and always wanted to dabble in programming.

The toolset has given me the opportunity to express my art in a whole new way and has become a fun hobby.

I hope you enjoy the mods I make - Sonmeister!

My first mod - Ancient Elven Ruins (7/2010)
My second mod - Pints and Quarts Tavern (6/2012/revised now 5 quests)
My third mod - Swamp Tower (6/2012)