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Dragon Age Uprising Act I is a mod in which the player takes on the role of a Highever alienage elf caught in a world of social and political strife. It is the first in a three act story in which alienage elves are given a chance to rise up. But, other powers are also at work which may force the player to sacrifice their cause to save Ferelden.

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Dragon Age Uprising Act I

Uprising Act II is now Released

You can download it here on the Nexus

Dragon Age Uprising Act I is a mod in which the player takes on the role of a Highever alienage elf caught in a world of social and political strife. It is the first in a three act story in which alienage elves are given a chance to rise up. But, other powers are also at work which may force the player to sacrifice their cause to save Ferelden.

Update 1.16
Fixes a start bug that occurred if the player selected the apostate class first but then chose to play as a warrior or rogue instead. The bug caused the mod to think the player was still an apostate and thus start them in the apostate origin location instead of the player's home apartment. This update doesn't change anything else from version 1.15 and for those playing as an apostate, there is no need to update to this version.

Update 1.15

Luna Romance Issue
At the end of Act I, the player can basically initiate a romance with Luna, if she made it to the end. However, though carelessness on my part, the plot flag wasn't set and so the player's choice in the ending conversation wasn't recorded. We have already created a fix in Act II that will resolve the issue. The Luna romance doesn't really start until Act II anyway so, this is more of an immersion issue than game-breaking as you are not locked out of a romance with her depending on the final conversation in Act I. Also, update 1.15 fixes the plot flags and so new games and any reload before the final conversation will work correctly.

Apostate Class
We added an Apostate Class for this mod. We initially planned to have the apostate class but some technical issues prevented us from releasing it on time and thus we gave up on it for a while. Please see the Uprising Apostate Class article for details of the apostate class itself. The Apostate Class has been integrated into Act I and thus there is new and modified content to reflect the player is an apostate. The Apostate Class should not conflict with other mod's as all files used are modified copies of the originals. Furthermore, Apostate Class won't accidently appear in other mods or DA Origins.

We are still tweaking the Apostate Class for balance and improvements. Please comment on any issues or ideas regarding the Apostate Class or Act I in general so we can improve them as well as Act II.

Lore Setting
Dragon Age Uprising is built off and inspired by the Dragon Age lore but it does not strictly adhere to every event that occurred in Dragon Age Origins, Awakening, or Dragon Age 2. In fact, Dragon Age Origins is the only one where direct references are made regarding plots or characters.

Key Features

Act I has about 4 hours of game play
Experience the City of Highever from the perspective of an elf in a human dominated world
Character driven story where your actions have consequences, both immediate and long term
Encounter a range of complex primary and secondary characters
The player will be faced with several morally grey situations that shape the development of the plot.
Apostate Class with several new game mechanics that will better represent the struggles and opportunities an apostate would experience in the world.

Game Play Notes
The characters you can interact with is a large part of the story and experience of the mod. Talking to the characters can reveal more about them and the world, as well as sometimes assist you with the current quest. It is easy to miss content if you just follow the mandatory quests.

There are no voiceovers. You will need to enable subtitles for "Conversations and ambient dialog"

The game has been tested and developed for only the normal difficulty setting. Higher difficulties may be playable in combat, but there is no guarantee.

"Frame buffer effects" needs to be checked in the Video settings of the game to have the levels appear as intended. This is mainly needed for levels that are supposed to be dark and so if a level is too dark then unchecking this can make a difference.

Exploration is a key part of the overall experience.

Some situations can never be solved with combat. If your character is dying very quickly, there is another solution you must find.

-Download and unzip the full version file. Then double click on the dazip file to install.

Applying Updates
- Updates will not include all the level files and new installs must first download the full install file.
-At the moment there is only one romance option and it is only for male PCs.
- Please note: the few only romance options won't be nearly as detailed or extensive as in Origins so I wouldn't suggest making your decision on which gender to play according to the existence of a romance option or not.

- When first entering the Character creator screen, the PC has their mouth open. (It seems to be a problem related to having a slide show before the character creator but I haven't found how to prevent it.) – Moving any face feature slider solves the problem though. It may just be a DAO 1.04 version issue.
-Sometimes you will need to click on Alki or the locked door a second time to have him open it. Moving Alki next to the door and then clicking on the door will always work as long as Alki is allowed to unlock that door.

Credits and Thanks:
The creation of this mod has been a long process and it wouldn't have been possible without the modding community. Some of the people who were especially helpful, even if they didn't know it are:

- For numerous informative posts on the bioware social site regarding levels and custom models

-Creating and updating the list of available animations. It would have been impossible to create cutscenes without them and retain some sanity

-The Mesh Lightmap Fixes http://social.bioware.com/project/2637/)

-The cutscene companion and also informative posts.

Everyone who contributed to the Dragon Age toolset wiki.
-Especially for the tutorials about custom followers generation and custom backgrounds

All the other modders who created quests and adventures for the Dragon Age world.
-Your works provided inspiration, instruction, and enjoyment during the long development process.

-For providing, the toolset and single player resources that allowed the power and freedom to create this mod, and all the others. Also for creating a great game and lore rich world.

There were many other people whose posts were invaluable in the beginning. Regretfully, I didn't record their names but thank you.

- For his constant companionship and wisdom throughout the project, one meow at a time.

-Scripting, levels, characters, dialog, story, cutscenes, and testing.
-Characters, dialog, story, proofreading, and testing.