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who would have thought that it would be another leliana face

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UPDATE: I've been having an issue with the non-HD head, in that it doesn't show up in-game. I don't have the technical skills to work out why that is exactly, so I've had to pull it from the mod. If anyone out there has any knowledge on why it might be doing this or have the skills to get it working, feel free to let me know! The toolset file is still there, so if you have the know-how and would like to edit it, you're more than welcome to. Thanks!! :)

If you're anything like me then you probably thought that unmodded, Leliana's face is very nnnnnnnnhgh. She looks angry, even during her romance scene (smouldering rage as you kiss me) and her singing scene is just facial stretching to the max (but that can hardly be completely eliminated anyway). Unfortunately most of the mods I've found that change her face change her too much and weren't really satisfying for me. So, necessity being the mother of invention, I decided to take matters into my own hands and change her myself.

I used the DA2 version of Leliana as a point of reference, but it's not going to be 100% accurate, mainly because it's hard to change how those eyebrows work. I'm quite satisfied with what I did though, so I'm going to upload it for maybe other people to enjoy!

Aegrus' HD Faces for Origins:

Pinappletree's Vibrant Colours:

And its fix for hair colours:


HD Eyebrow and Stubble Presets:

Human Female Proportion Fix (and the elven and dwarven fixes too my god those bodies)

KH Soft Hair Textures

To install, just go ahead and drop the main file into your override folder! I've also included a mrh file if you'd like to make your own edits to her in the toolset. Enjoy! :)