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Morphs for male characters to honor their spot in our hearts :)

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Greetings :)

After a long time playing Dragon Age series and using lots of mods (thank you Nexus for making our gaming much more enjoyable!) I decided to upload my very first mod.

I always tweak my files and mods for my own personal use, but I'm sure that I can't be the only one struggling with few details; an ugly face here, a poor design there... I end up spending almost as much time modding my games as playing them haha :P Now I will share a few of my tweaks and hopefully you guys will like it.

The faces morphs I bring here are from:

- Alistair (yes I know, one more damn Alistair mod... But I wasn't really happy with any available!)

This morph portray a handsome and proud Grey Warden version of Alistair, with a warden tattoo,bright eyes (like on Sacred Ashes trailer). I also decided give him a cooler look with the hair+earring, trying to fit with his new life as Grey Warden as a stronger and more confident man that is owner of his own path now.

- Arl Eamon

As Queen Rowan's brother, I thought that he look way too old in the vanilla version! I reminded that Rowan was Cailan's mother and not grandmother, while Eamon look like a grampa! No way, I made a younger, stronger and more handsome version of our favorite Arl, after all, we go thru a lot to save him and he also plays a huge part in our adventure.

- Bann Teagan

As one of the important lords of this kingdom I thought important to make him look respectable and more handsome, a Teagan that resembles the Eamon I did (they are brothers after all). I tried to make him in colors that reminds his sister Rowan's description on Dragon Age books (and my own image of her). Now, let's be honest: He is a charming character already, and if you play a female Warden you know that he is very "bold" on you ;)

- King Cailan

He is a dreamy guy which wants to be a fairy tale hero! I used pretty much almost the same face as I used to Alistair (since they are brothers), but changed the colors and hairstyle to one that looks like a tale hero :) If he wasn't a hero in game, at least he looks like one now :D

- Loghain

After I read the Stolen Throne DA book, I couldn't help but adore Loghain (even tho I always endup killing him in game), but he is such an important character! And let's not forget that he stole Queen Rowan's heart!! I tried to make Loghain the perfect portrait of what a cold older Ferelden hero look like in my head: stern, a bit dark, tired and of course more handsome too!

- Tamlen

As a proud Dalish player I find Tamlen hideous to say the least. He is the best friend of the Dalish Warden (and if you are female he was kinda her boyfriend too), so I decided to try the best I could to make him look like a beautiful elf! If he was the closest of our Dalish Warden, might as well be the best looking elf of the clan; with a nifty looks I'm sure that now he is a more pleasant companion and you'll feel much more sad when he is gone - as much as your Warden certainly felt.

- Zevran (oh Maker, another mor for Zevran! Yes yes I know...)

Zevran is smart, skilled, charming, his voice and accent are amazing... But he looks plain bad. I hate his teeth, his huge lips and short forehead of Vanilla versions. The Zevran in my mind need to be the kind of elf that makes the race be so famous for it's beauty and seduction! I tried to give him a young and confident look and use colors that made him look like a Antivan's desert prince.

And that's it, I really hope you enjoy it. Also forgive my clumsy english - it's not my native language -.-


The file contains a .txt file with the requirements for each morph individually, but I'll post here anyways :)

KH Companion Redesign Part 2 You only need the Hair folder.

Abichanns Eye Textures (by abichann)

KH Textures(by kani_hime) file from Ferelden Models

CC Extra Tints and Tones(by Jaylo)

CS - New tints for hairs (by ChingShih)

Pineappletree's Eye Color Replacement (by Pineappletree)

Pineappletrees's Vibrant Colors (by Pineappletree)

Face and Eye Textures (by fmorgana) - file from Ferelden Models

FM File - from Ferelden Models (all credits for respective file designer)

Tucked Hair (by tmp7704)

Anto Hairstyles (by Anto and Pizza)

CS - New Eyes (by by ChingShih)

Hairstyle Day (by Various Sims 2 authors)

Pineappletrees's Vibrant Eye Colors (by Pineappletree)

Lovely Tints (by Barnzi88)

Platinum Blonde (by danexuslurker)

Aditional Hairs for DA part2 (by boodrl)

Dragon Age Redesigned - Dracomies Textures VI and Zevran Final textures (by Dracomies)

Thank you all guys for the amazing work!!!


To install place the .mor file of your choice into Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/packages/core/override

If you run into any trouble feel free to let a message on Posts section and we will try to fix it. Make sure to download ALL the required mods!


To uninstall just remove the .mor file

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All credits goes for the original authors of each mod used to make these morphs!!

Thanks Bioware for the awesome game!