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Want Ferelden to be a bit more colorful? This mod is for you. Currently just the Dalish and a few other morphs.

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I really adore Origins, but the a.) bad NPC design and b.) overwhelming lack of diversity (and combination thereof- why do all of the black people have bright red hair and no eyebrows?) so I try and fix that with this mod. A multitude of NPCs have been given a more  diverse appearance and generally better proportions and coloration. I also tried to stray from typically caucasian features and hair to actually aim for realism.  I tried to get a bunch of races and ethnicities among them, but I will keep updating this mod, so you can request different things you want represented. 
Right now this mod only includes the Dalish and 3 other morphs, but that will change.
I also highly recommend Ferelden Racelift  by Veridical Q, it does essentially the same thing as this mod, but on a much broader scale. You should also be able to mix and match these two to fit whatever you like!

Version 1.0:
-25 morphs total
-22 Dalish (2 in the Dalish origin, 20 in Nature of the Best) as well as Isolde, Taliesen, and a slight Zevran change

Dracomies True Textures (just use the True Textures installer, the redesign is often pretty whitewash-y)
Pineappletree's Vibrant Colors
Tucked Hair
Look Hair! (scroll down and download the optional Look Hair! file only) 
Look Hair! Dreads and More

Lipstick- mole and freckle textures (one morph uses a skin texture from here)
LOTC s female Eyelashes
Better Makeup (do yourself a favor)
Ferelden Racelift 

Unpack and place the files in your override directory. You can pick and choose which you want to use.

Thanks! Please PLEASE add comments saying how it worked and screenshots in game, because all my games are currently locked into the endgame and I can't.