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Morphs for Sten, Morrigan and Leliana meant to more closely resemble their respective faces from the Sacred Ashes CG video.

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Sacred Ashes CG Faces v1

As the title says, this mod is intended to swap the original faces of Leliana, Sten and Morrigan to ones that look more like those they have in the Sacred Ashes trailer.
I've actually had both Morrigan and Sten out as individual files here for a while and figured I'd make a Leliana aswell and smack them together into a package. Wich means I won't be updating those old pages anymore, that will happen here now instead.

This is still a work in progress so any helpful comments would be dearly appriciated!

And remember that newer versions arn't neccesarily "better" than older ones in any way! It's up to personal preferance.

UPDATE! Leliana v102! (01/02/10)

So, finally sober again after celebrating the arrival of the new decade, I decided to make a few slight modifications to Leliana as there has been quite a few pointers in the comments about her!
  • Eyes are a bit smaller to more closely match her CG appearance.
  • She now utilizes Pineappletree's Vibrant Colors!
  • Her eyeshadow is now a little less intense.
  • She recieved a new eyecolor, lipcolor, haircolor and a new skintone!
  • Her eyes and nose have been lifted just a little bit.

As with the last update, this is a tweak of the existing face based on the feedback and not a major remodel. Though I can mention that I'm currently working on a v2 of all three faces, and a warden PC face as mentioned before.

By the way, if anyone wants this version of Leliana with her original hairstyle, feel free to say so in the comments or send me a pm and I'll make one! (Done, vanilla hair version is up in the optional files!)
Added a version with BioWare's red haircolor aswell, aka. "Leliana v102 Vanilla Hair color Version". (Intended for people having issues with custom haircolors.)

Hope you like it and I wish you all a great 2010!

UPDATE! Morrigan and Leliana v101! (12/30/09)

To start off with: these changes are very small, hence v101 and not v2! I suggest trying them out ingame before you form an opinion, because you almost can't see the difference in the screenshots!
So for v101 I made a few slight modifications based on the feedback I got from the comments:

  • Her eyecolor is now grey instead of icy-blue!
  • I made her face a tiny bit longer.
  • Her eyeliner/shadow is now a little darker.
  • Her eyes are smaller than before and lowered a little bit.

I didn't do anything about her skintone, because frankly there are none that fit except this one.

And you might have noticed by now if you have checked the new images that she has her vanilla hairsyle, this is because kzelsama's hairstyles look really wierd in my toolset, and not because I changed to that hairstyle instead.
(Though I have added an optional "Leliana v101 Vanilla Hairstyle version" wich features the original hairstyle instead of kzelsama's awesome one that she has in the main version.
This is mostly intended for people who have issues with the "More Hairstyles" addon.)

But whatever floats your boat! Hope you like it!

  • Her facial structure is more compact or "shorter".
  • She now has a more rounded look.
  • Her eyes are a tiny bit smaller.

I spent alot of time with Morrigan trying to make her face shorter/smaller without making her look like Verne Troyer. And it turns out, getting Morrigan's face to closer resemble her Sacred Ashes look IS REALLY hard, big shocker.
And with that said I'd like to point out again that feedback, especially regarding Morrigan, is a major help when I'm working in the toolset.
After a while editing the same face I kinda get tunnelvision and don't really see what I'm changing, then it's helpful to look at a few hints of what I should be focusing on.

Morrigan v101. Enjoy!

For these mods to work properly you'll need a couple of addons, namely Pineappletree's Vibrant Colors and kzelsama's More Hairstyles.
(Sten and Leliana requires Pineappletree's Vibrant Colors, Leliana More Hairstyles. Morrigan on the other hand, works without any addons at all!)

When you have downloaded the file you desire from the files tab, simply extract it into your ...\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override folder.
And viola! The next time you start a new game or load an old one: new looks for your trusty companions!