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Act III continues right where Act II left off with Sunfang's warning about Lilith's safety. The player will traverse across Ferelden as they help Lilith, confront Irrick, and prepare for the uprisings in Denerim and Highever. They will continue growing their friendships and romances with various characters and ultimately hold the fate of th

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Dragon Age Uprising Act III


Act III continues right where Act II left off with Sunfang's warning about Lilith's safety. The player will traverse across Ferelden as they help Lilith, confront Irrick, and prepare for the uprisings in Denerim and Highever. They will continue growing their friendships and romances with various characters and ultimately hold the fate of the uprisings in their hands.

If you haven't played Act I, you should and it can be downloaded here on the Nexus.

Then play Act II which can also download here on the Nexus.

Key Features

At least 15 hours of game play and several new and unique levels.

Strong focus on characters in a world that is more gray than black and white.

Several new game mechanics to make combat and characters more unique and interesting such as demon summoning, npc corpse looting, and everything introduced in Act II

Two exclusive characters to romance.

A world and characters that are shaped by the player, but don't revolve around them.

Several exclusive branching quest paths based on the player's choices and consequences from both Act II and Act III.

Apostate Class with several new game mechanics that will better represent the struggles and opportunities an apostate would experience in the world. The player will be able to learn the demon summoning school of magic.

Starting Act III

Act III is designed with the intention that the person playing imports their character from Act II. You will need to import the Post Campaign Save from Act II. You cannot import from other mods or the single player campaign.
For those who don't have an Act II save, Act III is setup with a default import. You can still create your character in the character creator but the events from Act II and Act I will be predetermined. See the bottom of this post for information of the default import.

Act III will begin with a short intro showing some of the major choices and consequences from Act I and Act II.


Luna – Male characters can continue their romance with Luna from Act II or decide to remain friends.

Fladayus – Female and male characters can initiate a romance with Fladayus as long as they received her locket from Act II and have her as a companion on quests.

These romances are adult in nature and are not required to enjoy the characters on their own. Note if you end a romance with one character, you cannot restart it later.

Game Play Notes

Our focus is on the story and characters and thus we created the battles with the intention any combination of characters can succeed if proper tactics and strategy are used. We encourage those interested in the romances to keep that character with them as much as possible and to choose other characters based on who you like and not just on what class they are.

A core focus of the mod are the characters you interact with and how you and they shape the world.

Several companions have the chance to turn the tide of battle and so it is worth fighting to the very end of every battle.

We have provided journal entries to help guide the player on completing quests but a large part of it will rely on the player exploring and talking to characters in the game.

There are no voiceovers. You will need to enable subtitles for "Conversations and ambient dialog"

The game has been tested and developed for only the normal difficulty setting. Higher difficulties may be playable in combat, but there is no guarantee.
"Frame buffer effects" needs to be checked in the Video settings of the game to have the levels appear as intended. This setting is more important now as certain cut-scenes in the Memories of Evelyn plot, require this to look as intended.

Note on some fights: There are certain fights you are not supposed to get into and survive to continue the mod, if you see the game over screen very quickly, you probably need to hide your weapons from the city guards.

Lore Setting

Dragon Age Uprising is built off and inspired by the Dragon Age lore but it does not strictly adhere to every event that occurred in Dragon Age Origins, Awakening, or Dragon Age 2. In fact, Dragon Age Origins is the only one where direct references are made regarding plots or characters.

Please feel free to share any thoughts you have. We have tested this mod several times without issues however, complete tests take more than 10 hours to do, there is a chance we might have missed a combination of choices, options, or bugs. Please let us know.

If you're reporting bugs, please provide as much detail as possible.

Mod Conflict Notice:

For people who have had map issues where they appear off of the area, usually in a corner, this results from campaign mods that add new map locations to the original Dragon Age Origins Campaign. Mods like Alley of Murders, will need to be deactivated and potentially fully uninstalled if you are encountering this issue.

- Some times you will need to use the keyboard to move your character. Or click several times with your mouse. This is mainly for stairs and under some portcullis gates.
- There might be some clipping in the romance cut-scenes. We're still looking to refine them, but it takes time and won't be 100% perfect.
- Do not use the Quick Start button in the Character generation, especially for the apostate origin as that does not work correctly.
- You need to manually distribute the attribute points and skills for your companions.
-Some of the Apostate specializtions may not work correctly. I forgot about them, but I'm looking into fixing them now.

-Download and unzip the full version file. Then double click on the dazip file to install.

Credits and Thanks:
The creation of this mod has been a long process and it wouldn't have been possible without the modding community. Some of the people who were especially helpful, even if they didn't know it are:

- For numerous informative posts on the bioware social site regarding levels and custom models

-Creating and updating the list of available animations. It would have been impossible to create cutscenes without them and retain some sanity

-The Mesh Lightmap Fixes http://social.bioware.com/project/2637/)

-The cutscene companion and also informative posts.

Everyone who contributed to the Dragon Age toolset wiki.
-Especially for the tutorials about custom followers generation and custom backgrounds

All the other modders who created quests and adventures for the Dragon Age world.
-Your works provided inspiration, instruction, and enjoyment during the long development process.

-For providing, the toolset and single player resources that allowed the power and freedom to create this mod, and all the others. Also for creating a great game and lore rich world.

There were many other people whose posts were invaluable in the beginning. Regretfully, I didn't record their names but thank you.

-Scripting, levels, characters, dialog, story, cutscenes, and testing.
-Characters, dialog, story, proofreading, and testing.

Default Character
Act III defaults change some of the world state from the Act II defaults to help provide more game options for those who don't or can't import their Act II save files. Below are some of the key default states from Act I and Act II choices.

Luna arrived with the player to Lothering from Act I. For male characters the Luna romance is active, but players can end it if they wish to just be friends or pursue a romance with Fladayus.

The player killed Darek from Act I

The player intervened in Severine's mugging.

Fladayus gives the player her locket.

The player gained the support of the Family.

The player told Satrina about Jahk's plans.

Zeke is alive and freed from the Highever alienage.

The player freed the girl Orphelia from her dungeon cell.