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This Mod only adds Armor weapons and a sash from the toolset It is my first mod so it is simple and should not conflict with anything.

Permissions and credits
This is not an Original set in the sense that I designed the Textures it is a toolset created Over ride file plain and simple. The Stat's for the Gloves and Boots are high for the Armor because I use them with out Armor and with the lovely NBAIO.

Simply unzip drop the BD_Item_set Folder in your Override. You must have console enabled then just type " bd_give_set "

That's it.

The Dagger, Longsword, Bow, Armor, Boots, Gloves and Sash will all be added to your inventory.

-enabledeveloperconsole is required to get these Items in your inventory

To get the Appearance of Mila you will need some of thew other mods I have installed

Dalish Learther Revised
PTs Makeup Intenifier
Pineappletree's Vibrant colors
P-Angel's Tagic Eyes
More Hairestyles
Dalish-ious Real Skin
CC Extra Tints and Tones

While I know it isn't much I would appreciate credit if anyone posts these to a different thread or site However permission to do so is not required. Enjoy


Tools Used by Me

All Credit goes to xtr3m368 for his hard work and the people he has credited
-Nicoroshi for his beautiful work this mod is based on and his gracious allowance for it to be a modder's resource
-InBleedingRapture for all of his hard work importing this and getting it packaged up and ready for release
-Kit Rae for the design these weapons are based on

Legal: By xtr3m368
Use this at your own risk. Use of this mod is for your personal use only.
You may not redistribute or re-upload ANY PART of this mod anywhere
without permission. This includes "compilation packs" "fixes" and
translations. The material is new and custom designed/imagined by us and
can't be used without permission.