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Equips Cullen with a sword and shield, since that's the kit he uses in Dragon Age 2 and Inquisition.

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In Dragon Age 2 and Inquisition, Cullen is shown using a sword and shield when he fights. In Origins, however, he comes equipped with a two-handed greatsword. This mod is a simple edit that equips him with a longsword and templar shield to match other templars who use this fighting style.


Simply drag and drop the mod into your override!

This mod comes in three versions. If you are using Templars of Ferelden, use the "Templars of Ferelden" version. If you are using Improved Atmosphere without Templars of Ferelden, use the "Improved Atmosphere" version. If you are not using one of those mods, use the "default" version. If you have another mod that edits Cullen's equipped items, it will not be compatible with that but I would be happy to make a version for that mod or tell you how to do it so just ask!

My screenshots show the other templars in the Templars of Ferelden versions of the armor since that is the mod I use. Note that this will not affect any of them. I was also unable to playtest this for Cullen's appearances in Broken Circle since doing so requires loading a save before entering the Templar Quarters floor of the tower, which means doing the entire Fade quest. Even with the Skip the Fade mod that's a daunting thing to do three times in a row. If anyone encounters problems with the mod in this scene, please let me know immediately and I will try to fix them!


This mod alters the following files and is incompatible with anything else that edits them:
It is compatible with all Cullen morphs (I am using Realistic DAO Project for him and all other NPCs shown in my screenshots).

Improved Atmosphere by SpaceAlex
Templars of Ferelden by TommyIrianto/Kirkwall Exports by Amycus
Bioware for the game and GFF editor

Questions? Shoot me a message here or an ask on my tumblr!