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Replaces the faces of important NPCs for each Origin.

Permissions and credits

These are meant to go with the presets that I made. I tried to make the family members have slightly more of a resemblance to the presets. I also included some of the important friends as well. For the most part they look similar to their vanilla appearances, just with fancier hair/eyes/skin.

Dwarf Commoner: Kalah (Mother), Rica, and Leske
Dwarf Noble: Endrin, Trian, Bhelen, and Gorim
Elf City: Cyrion, Shianni, Soris, Nelaros (groom of PC), and Nesiara (bride of PC). The bride and groom are just my presets of opposite gender.
Elf Dalish: Tamlen, also included the corrupted version of him
Mage: Jowan
Human Noble: Bryce (father), Eleanor (mother), Fergus, Oriana. Oriana is drastically different from her vanilla face. She is supposed to be Antivan and I felt like her original face did not convey that at all.

WARNING: These morphs require a ton of other mods to look right. If any of them look weird just shoot me a message and we can figure it out.

Mods used:

Pineapple Tree's Vibrant Colors
Face Textures
SJC's Skin Tones
Link's Hair
Jenya's Random Hairstyles
Witcher 3 Inspired Morps Note: Get the "without realistic teeth" textures
Inquisition Inspired Morphs Note: You will need to get the main file and the update file "Alistair morph DAI colors". Again, the "without realistic teeth" textures. Honestly I recommend downloading everything by Jenya, they do incredible work.
Witcher 2 for DA Note: just the hair, skin, and eye textures.
Dragon Age Redesigned Just the textures
Tucked Hair
More Hairstyles
LOTC Hairstyles

Install: Unzip the desired files into your override folder.
Uninstall: Delete the files from your override folder.
Permissions: For personal use only. Do not upload on other sites.
Special thanks: All the amazing modders on this site who made all the amazing hair, eye, texture etc. mods who made these presets possible.

Additional note: I have remade almost every NPC face in the game. If you like my style and want to see my version of another NPC just send me a message.