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Replaces Awakening's visually generic item sets Stormchaser, Lorekeeper, and Trickster with Thedosian Warden Armors (ported from DAI). Includes a couple of fixes. Compatible with IA, OF, and GWoF.

Permissions and credits
This mod is intended for people who would like to see Thedosian Warden Armors in Awakening to diversify the unique but visually generic armor sets. 

It accomplishes three unique things:
  1. Adds the Thedosian Grey Wardens' Armors to the Awakening expansion 
  2. without restricting them to a starting armor variant available only to a non-imported or low-level imported player character
  3. Replaces the generic models of three Awakening armor sets (Stormchaser, Lorekeeper, and Trickster*) 
  4. which otherwise do not have a unique appearance
  5. Fixes a couple of vanilla bugs (Stormchaser Gauntlets were vulcanic aurum instead of white steel and the Trickster set was not fully rogue-restricted)
  6. and Thedosian bugs which would not permit rune slots on the Trickster's Tunic

*Elaboration on the second point (2.) 


Thedosian Grey Wardens ➪ fully installed
Thedosian Grey Wardens - Dwarven Expansion ➪ required for models for dwarves
Of Ferelden (Improved Atmosphere) plus Improved Atmosphere ➪ required for headwear models and icons which do not exist in Thedosian
Grey Wardens of Ferelden ➪ required for headwear models and icons which do not exist in Thedosian


The mod is compatible with both Of Ferelden (Improved Atmosphere) and Grey Wardens of Ferelden, the latter of which is the outdated version of the former.
It is also compatible with Improved Atmosphere, the most essential mod for Dragon Age Origins to date. 
It should be compatible with everything else except those mods that edit the same files as this mod (listed below).


Edited original files (which are incompatible with any mod that changes them except those named above)