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Some changes to follower & NPC equipment in the DLCs, and a few minor cameos.

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Some random fun seeing how much I could manage to do with DLCs & DLC characters. :p
Folders can be used separately, or all together.

Best installed before the start of each DLC (or area, for Origins & Awakening edits). 

Witch Hunt:
(1) Puts a new NPC called 'Dagna' in the circle tower during "Witch Hunt", with a couple ambient lines. 
(2) Changes the equipment of the elven ghouls in the Elven Ruins to the Dalish armor from tmp7704's "Unique Light Armors" [required] and entopie's "Loincloth Fashion" [also required]
(3) Puts rune slots on Ariane's armor & swords
(4) Gives Finn and Ariane new, non-goofy portraits

(5) Puts a new chantry brother named 'Silas' in the Amaranthine chantry.
[Requires Leliana's Song]

(6) Replaces two unnamed Dace warriors in Aeducan Thaig during "A Paragon of Her Kind" with Jerrik and Brogan.  (no Snug; sorry)
[requires Golems of Amgarrak]

Golems of Amgarrak:
(7) Gives Jerrik & Brogan more dwarfy-looking armors from Loincloth Fashion. 

Leliana's Song:
(8) Changes to a lot of party & NPC equipment, requiring Loincloth Fashion, Amycus "Kirkwall Exports" and tmp7704's "Apostate Clothing". 
--Kirkwall Exports does not include LODs for the guards' Raider Armor; I have made some and put them here: https://www.nexusmods.com/dragonage/mods/5564
(9) Vanilla changes to NPC guard armor, to make them more internally consistent. 

My personal morphs for various DLC companions. [mostly vanilla except for hairstyles]
Ariane, Finn, Silas, & Sigrun require Additional Hairs for DA by boodrl (ef_har_hair36, hm_har_mhair1, hm_har_mhair2, and df_har_hair21, respectively)
Brogan and Jerrik require Schwarzalbenheim by Amensign (dm_har_blda_0_tatanka07 and dm_brd_dam38)
Sketch and Leliana require Tucked Hair by tmp7704 (em_har_hda2b08a and hf_har_talb)

Conflicts--these were made with PRCSCR scripts as much as possible, and so should hopefully be compatible with most other mods. 
UTI edits: Ariane's swords & armor, Leliana's armor set, Sketch's robe & staff, Tug's axes(s), and Brogan's armor & shield
UTC edits: Dace mercenaries # 1 & 3
portraits.gda #s: 100 & 101
PRCSCR: 3000006-3000025