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A couple Warden-y weapons for mages, adapted from DAI models.

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While I love running around in full Grey Warden regalia, it's always annoyed me a bit that there isn't any mage weaponry that also screams "I'm a Grey Warden!!!".  So, I decided to make some griffon-themed stuff--a staff for all mages, and a longsword and shield for arcane warriors. 

Both sets can be found in the secret Warden warehouse in Denerim, or if you don't want to wait, with the console command give_griffons (however, they spawn at tier 6/silverite--plus they're a bit OP anyway--and so will be ridiculous at low levels. Do what you gotta do, though).  They will also be found on the weapon rack in the Vigil's Keep throne room. 

There is also a lower-level (tier 1-3) Warden Acolyte staff to be looted from the Hurlock Emissary in the Korcari Wilds. 

I have also made an optional file for the Grey Warden Staff from Grey Wardens of Ferelden to use this griffon staff model instead of the more generic one. 

GDA #s used: staff_variation 220, longsword_variation 180, tower_shield_variation 150 , and PRCSCR 3000028-29.  There is one character file override: pre200cr_hurlock_emissary.utc.

The optional replacer will also conflict with anything else that alters the GWoF staff (gen_im_wep_mag_sta_war.uti).