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Provides mages access to a new spell school: Divine. This school grants new spells in the form of healing, buffs, support and damage vs evil.

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Name: Lancerlot - Spell School: Divine
Version: 1.1
Date: 8th Feb 2010
Author: Mick Hawkins
Email: [email protected]

This mod provides mages with access to a new spell school: Divine.

The main purpose of this school is to grant additional healing, buff and support spells, as well as a few powerful controlling and damage vs evil spells.

I have based the damage and heal calculations on similar game spells so hopefully they are not under/overpowered. From my own in-game testing they appear to fit in quite well.

Below is a list of all the new spells and their descriptions. Detailed information (including spell formulas) can be seen in-game on the individual spell tooltips.

Divine Spells - Row 1

  1. Aura of Protection (Sustained) - The caster radiates a divine aura of protection granting the party increased defense.
  2. Aura of Might (Sustained) - The caster radiates a divine aura of might granting the party increased attack.
  3. Aura of Wisdom (Sustained) - The caster radiates a divine aura of wisdom granting the party increased mana and stamina regeneration.
  4. Aura of Kings (Sustained) - The caster radiates a divine aura of kings granting the party an increase to all stats.

Note: Only one Divine Aura can be active per caster

Divine Spells - Row 2

  1. Divine Shield - The caster places a divine shield around the target granting additional armor but penalising attacks.
  2. Chant of Light - The caster recites the Chant of Light and gains increased spellpower.
  3. Righteous Defense - The caster comes to the defense of an ally, taunting all enemies surrounding the target to attack the caster instead. The threat caused by this effect dissipates quickly.
  4. Andraste's Champions - The casters rallies the party in Andraste's name, granting them increased precision, attack speed and spellpower.

Divine Spells - Row 3

  1. Prayer - The caster prays to The Maker for his aid, instantly healing for a small amount and gaining accelerated health regeneration.
  2. Divine Nova - The caster expels a force of divine power instantly healing nearby allies and damaging nearby enemies.
  3. Binding Heal - The caster creates a bind with an ally, healing both for a moderate amount.
  4. Hand of The Maker - The caster draws on the power of The Maker to completely heal the target and grant a bonus to health regeneration. This ability leaves the caster completely drained of mana.

Divine Spells - Row 4

  1. Turn Evil - The target undead, demon or darkspawn will be overcome with fear preventing it from taking action for a short time. Damage caused may break the effect.
  2. Exorcism - The caster attempts to exorcise the target undead, demon or darkspawn causing a large amount of damage.
  3. Wrath of The Maker - The caster expels a force of divine power which damages and stuns all nearby undead, demon and darkspawn.
  4. Dominate Evil - The caster temporarily gains domination over the target undead, demon or darkspawn forcing it to attack your enemies.

Version History
1.0, 04/02/2010 - Initial Release
1.1, 08/02/2010 - Recompressed DDS Textures to prevent game crashes
- Resaved the ABI_base GDA file with a unique worksheet name (conflict prevention)

Install & Uninstall
See the included readme file for installation instructions.

This mod does not overwrite any original game code so it should be compatible with any mod - provided there are no ID conflicts.

Reserved Talk Table ID's: 1841059410 to 1841059459
Extended GDA's:
- ABI_base (188001 to 188016)
- guitypes (801)