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Let’s talk about The Rings of Power’s big geographical reveal

She-Hulk just assembled Marvel’s most D-list supervillain squad

7 anime to watch if you like Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Andor is the angriest Star Wars has ever been

Mon Mothma returns to Star Wars as Andor’s less-than-perfect hero

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Star Trek has truly reinvented itself

The sci-fi franchise is all TV these days, and there’s something for (almost) everyone

Who sword fights better: House of the Dragon or The Rings of Power?

Laena Velaryon’s story on House of the Dragon got a significant tweak

The best Star Wars droids, according to us

HBO’s The Last of Us has its first trailer

Netflix’s Gudetama series gets a trailer and a release date

What we learned at Marvel’s secret screening of Werewolf By Night

James Earl Jones stepping back from his role as Darth Vader’s voice

Sorting through House of the Dragon’s many new kid characters

Larys Strong has manipulated his way into House of the Dragon’s game of thrones

House of the Dragon’s massive time jump turns up the heat

The House of the Dragon timeline, so far

Hit the Skip Intro button to get the highlights of Netflix’s big Tudum event

The Witcher season 3 slices its way to Netflix in summer 2023

Manifest season 4 gets a trailer before its final bow on Netflix

The Shadow and Bone season 2 teaser trailer is chock full of exciting new details

Sauron’s secret identity takes another step

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared is suddenly back in wonderful, chaotic form

Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi has a new time travel show — but this time he’s a serial killer

What if Rings of Power’s Sauron is just the most obvious person?

Everyone on The Rings of Power is pissed off and conflicted, thank god

About The Rings of Power’s mysterious white-robed trackers, the Stranger, and the moon...

To evolve, Law & Order had to ax one of its long-running characters

Everyone’s grown up in the new Dragon Prince trailer

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Even the Rings of Power title sequence contains hidden secrets about the show

How Tolkien and physics inspired The Rings of Power’s sonic opening

She-Hulk’s new cameo nods to the greatest Avengers team of all time

How Star Wars has depicted the rise of the Rebel Alliance through the years

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