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Final Fantasy XIV: How to Get Gold Chocobo Feathers


Final Fantasy XIV: How to Get Gold Chocobo Feathers

For the wyvern!

Getting Gold Chocobo Feathers in Final Fantasy XIV

Gold Chocobo Feathers are special items in Final Fantasy XIV that can be used for trading with the Calamity Salvagers in any of the three starting cities. However, these Feathers can’t be obtained through traditional means in the game. You can only get them by introducing a friend to the game through the Recruit A Friend campaign.

Once you have enough Gold Chocobo Feathers, you can approach any Calamity Salvager and exchange them for rare dye colors. This includes the coveted jet black and pure white dye colors. These will be incredibly valuable for players who enjoy dyeing their armor in different colors, or those who are into different Glamours.

More importantly, however, you can also exchange these Gold Chocobo Feathers for the Twintania Neurolink Key. Once you use this item, you’ll be able to summon the much coveted Twintania wyvern mount. It’s a flying mount that can take you to the skies in any area, as long as you’ve found and activated all of the Aether Currents.

There don’t seem to be any other uses for Gold Chocobo Feathers outside of that.

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