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Can You Read My Hero Academia Manga Online for Free? Answered

My Hero Academia

Can You Read My Hero Academia Manga Online for Free? Answered

Is the popular manga series available to be read for free online? Here’s everything you need to know about your options.

Given the immense popularity of My Hero Academia has found since the first release of its anime adaptation in 2016, you may be wanting to read its source material: the original manga by author Kohei Horikoshi. If you’re wondering if My Hero Academia is available to be read for free online, we have you covered with all the information you need below.

Can You Read My Hero Academia Manga Online for Free?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the straightforward answer here is no, the My Hero Academia manga is not available for free online. That being said, the silver lining is that My Hero Academia is readily available to purchase digitally from multiple storefronts and ViZ Media provides the most recent three chapters for free on their website.

The website for ViZ Media, My Hero Academia’s official English publisher, is the easiest recommendation to make for purchasing the manga, but it’s also available for the same cost on Google Play, Apple Books, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

While ViZ Media allows a free preview of each volume to let you decide if the quality is to your liking before you purchase, as mentioned above the publisher also allows the three most recent chapters to be read for free as they release on the Shonen Jump portion of their website.

Between all of these above options, you should be able to navigate the quirks associated with buying My Hero Academia and figure out the way to read the manga that works best for you. To better understand what you’re getting into, you may want to see our list of every My Hero Academia story arc in order, take a quiz to test your knowledge of the franchise’s characters, or take a look at My Hero Academia Ultra Rumble, the video game announced earlier this year.

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