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KRAFTON Announces Game Project Based on Korean Fantasy Novel

KRAFTON Announces Game Project Based on Korean Fantasy Novel

KRAFTON Announces Game Project Based on Korean Fantasy Novel

There are some seriously good video games based on novels. Excited to see where this goes.

Korean holding company KRAFTON announced today that active development has started on an “unnamed game project” that will be based on the popular Korean fantasy novel series The Bird That Drinks Tears. It is unknown what shape or form this game project will take at this exact moment, but there’s plenty of promises of a “whole new experience.”

KRAFTON recently launched the game’s official website as it ramps up its efforts to recruit top global talent to help it realize its ambitious vision. Additionally, new game concept work and lore details were revealed to further illustrate the project’s overall visual identity and tone.

For those maybe unaware of the subject of this adaptation, it’s certainly a massive deal in terms of Korean literature.

The Bird That Drinks Tears is a novel series that was created and written by Yeong-do Lee, who is widely acknowledged as the pioneer of the Korean fantasy genre. As one of the best-selling fantasy authors in Korea with millions of copies sold, Mr. Lee is an exceptionally imaginative writer who builds elaborate worlds and fills them with complex characters.

If you’ve got a taste for high-fantasy, a game being made from this IP should certainly entice you.

KRAFTON is the holding company of big developers such as PUBG Studios, Unknown Worlds Entertainment (Subnautica), and Striking Distance Studios (The Callisto Protocol).

Some of the best video game series are based on book series, just look at the Witcher and Metro games.

We will be sure to keep you updated when we know more about this project.

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