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New Apex Legends Bugs Found Only One Day Into New Season

New Apex Legends Bugs Found Only One Day Into New Season

New Apex Legends Bugs Found Only One Day Into New Season

Two new bugs in Apex Legends are making the rounds.

No one has ever accused Apex Legends of being the most polished game around. Even still, seeing as we’re only a day into the new season and two new bugs have already crept up, it’s not the best look. They are two vastly different bugs with the potential to entirely ruin your day, though, so that’s fun.

First up we have something not entirely character specific. There’s a bug when it comes to, according to Respawn, choosing a character other than your featured character when starting a game. What this bug does is create a combo character. You read that right. In a video uploaded to Reddit by user JomzYT, a Newcastle is seen visually, but underneath it’s all Gibraltar.

According to Respawn’s Apex Legends Trello board, this bug is being investigated and they describe it as:

When selecting a different Legend on the “LEGEND SELECTION SCREEN” from the featured Legend, it can causes issues with Legend abilities in a match.

The other bug is far more obvious to outside players, but much more deadly. There’s something about Vantage that is allowing her to essentially wear a heatshield as helmet. Considering the item is meant to be stationary and limited use in later storm circles, getting to move with one is an unbelievable advantage. This one change would make end game fights almost unwinnable for the team not triggering the bug. There is a video for this a well, also by Reddit user JomzYT.

Unlike the above bug, this one hasn’t be acknowledged by Respawn so there’s no word on when a fix might arrive. For the time being, be careful when playing as Vantage as it’s possible abusing this bug could lead to bans.

We will be sure to keep you updated on any further information about these bugs that may come up.

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