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Fortnite Currently Going Through Lengthy Server Downtime

Fortnite Currently Going Through Lengthy Server Downtime

Fortnite Currently Going Through Lengthy Server Downtime

While server downtime happening this early for Fortnite isn’t fun, the patch is sure to bring fun new things.

While Fortnite always goes into downtime before the release of a big patch, we’re currently seeing a much earlier downtime start with an uncertain end keeping players out of the game currently. It is uncertain if the downtime will end before the release of the patch tomorrow, which might be the longest the game has been down since the transition into the launch for Chapter 3 Season 3.

The downtime first started at 4:00 PM ET, which had to happen “due to an issue” that wasn’t further explained. Usually, downtime starts very early morning, typically 4 AM ET, when the least amount of players are in the game.

Those who are concerned need not worry, the @FortniteStatus Twitter account does reassure everyone that this early downtime start won’t delay the release of Update 22.10.

You can see the original announcement for the downtime below, this is why you aren’t able to play Fortnite right now.

This issue that caused the earlier downtime has been causing all sorts of errors such as Error Code LS-0016 because the game is fully unavailable. While it is unfortunate that Fortnite is down, there is going to be some awesome stuff in the patch as we get closer to this year’s Forenitemares event.

We will be sure to let you know if more news comes out of this downtime, but it will hopefully go off without a hitch from here.

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