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Minecraft Live 2022 Is Bringing Back the Popular Mob Vote

Minecraft Live

Minecraft Live 2022 Is Bringing Back the Popular Mob Vote

The popular mob vote will return at Minecraft Live 2022.

Among the attractions coming at Minecraft Live 2022, players will be able to vote for the new critter that will join the game’s growing ecosystem.

The announcement video below hints that three new mobs (short for “mobile objects,” a technical term indicating AI-driven enemies and NPCs in games) will be presented and will vie for the players’ popular vote, but only one will get to be included in the game.

This is likely unsurprising since this is a rather traditional feature of the show at Minecraft Live, but it’s nice to get an official confirmation.

It’s worth mentioning that the specific mobs participating to the vote have not been announced, but the video possibly provides hints.

The 2021 vote was won by the cute Allay, which triumphed over the Bronze Golem and the Gare.

in 2020 the Glow Squid won, leaving behind the Mobloom and Iceologer.

Below you can watch the announcement video.

Minecraft Live will air on October 15 at noon EDT, 9:00 am PDT, 5:00 pm BST, or 6:00 pm CEST depending on where you live.

Minecraft is currently available for basically everything with a chip, including PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. There probably are more devices, but I’ve lost track of what is active.

Recently, Mojang put the two separate PC versions of the game (Bedrock and Java) in a single package, letting players purchase both at once and then simply pick whichever they want to play.

Of course, you can expect a full report about all the announcements and reveals that will be made at Minecraft Live here on Twinfinite, as soon as the event airs.

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